Wendy’s Menu & Prices In Canada; 2023

Discover an irresistible culinary journey at Wendy’s in Canada, where the menu and prices for 2023 combine to create a mouthwatering experience that will keep you coming back for more

Well-known for its Hamburgers, Wendy’s has been offering fast food in Canada for more than forty years since 1975, and here you can locate the cost of their entire menu in Canada, from Sandwiches to Baconators to Cheeseburgers.

This menu and the costs are updated to match the latest costs in Canada as of April 2023.

Popular Items

Menu ItemPrice
Baconator® ComboCAN$ 13.29
Dave’s Double ComboCAN$ 12.19
Spicy Chicken Sandwich ComboCAN$ 11.49
Dave’s Single ComboCAN$ 10.59
Spicy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 7.39
PoutineCAN$ 4.39
3 PC. Classic Chicken StripsCAN$ 7.39
Baconator®CAN$ 9.29
Dave’s SingleCAN$ 6.49
Bacon Deluxe 1/2* Double ComboCAN$ 13.29


Menu ItemsPrices
Baconator® ComboCAN$ 13.29
Dave’s Double ComboCAN$ 12.19
Spicy Chicken Sandwich ComboCAN$ 11.49
Dave’s Single ComboCAN$ 10.59
Bacon Deluxe 1/2* Double ComboCAN$ 13.29
Son of a Baconator® ComboCAN$ 11.29
Asiago Ranch Chicken Club ComboCAN$ 12.59
3 PC. Classic Chicken Strips ComboCAN$ 11.49
Classic Chicken Sandwich ComboCAN$ 11.49
Dave’s Triple ComboCAN$ 13.89
Bacon Deluxe 3/4* Triple ComboCAN$ 14.99


Menu ItemsCosts
Baconator®CAN$ 9.29
Dave’s SingleCAN$ 6.49
Dave’s DoubleCAN$ 8.19
Son of a Baconator® with CheeseCAN$ 7.19
Bacon Deluxe 1/4* SingleCAN$ 7.59
Double Jr. Bacon CheeseburgerCAN$ 3.79
Jr. Bacon CheeseburgerCAN$ 2.69
Bacon Deluxe 1/2* DoubleCAN$ 9.29
Dave’s TripleCAN$ 9.79
Double StackCAN$ 3.79
Bacon Deluxe 3/4* TripleCAN$ 10.89

Quality Choices Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
5 PC. Chicken NuggetsCAN$ 2.69
Small PoutineCAN$ 3.79
Double Jr. Bacon CheeseburgerCAN$ 3.79
Jr. Bacon CheeseburgerCAN$ 2.69
Double StackCAN$ 3.79
Chicken WrapCAN$ 2.69
Jr. Cheeseburger DeluxeCAN$ 2.39

Chicken And Wraps

Menu ItemsPrices
Spicy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 7.39
3 PC. Classic Chicken StripsCAN$ 7.39
5 PC. Chicken NuggetsCAN$ 2.69
Asiago Ranch Chicken ClubCAN$ 8.49
Classic Chicken SandwichCAN$ 7.39
Chicken WrapCAN$ 2.69

Fries & Sides

Menu ItemPrice
French FriesCAN$ 2.59
PoutineCAN$ 4.39
ChiliCAN$ 2.99
Bacon PoutineCAN$ 5.19


Menu ItemCost
Classic Chocolate Frosty®CAN$ 2.39

Beverages Menu

Menu ItemsPrices
Co-Cola nCAN$ 2.19
Nestea Iced TeaCAN$ 2.19
Sprite nCAN$ 2.19
Diet Coke nCAN$ 2.19
Dasani WaterCAN$ 2.39

Add-Ons Menu

Menu ItemsPrice
Extra BaconCAN$ 1.19
Extra BaconCAN$ 0.79
Extra Cheese SliceCAN$ 0.59

Signature Sauces Menu

Menu Items ListPrices
Poutine SauceCAN$ 0.59
Honey Mustard Bistro Dip SauceCAN$ 0.35
Ranch Dip SauceCAN$ 0.35
MayoCAN$ 0.35
BBQ Dip SauceCAN$ 0.35
Ghost Pepper Ranch Dip SauceCAN$ 0.35
Sour CreamCAN$ 0.35
Plum SauceCAN$ 0.35
MustardCAN$ 0.35

About Wendy’s:

Wendy’s is a century-old fast food chain. It has earned a name in Canada as one of the go-to spots for fun and affordable, fast food choices. 

The menu here has classic menu items such as chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, chili, fries, and more while also providing unique Canadian food items like hamburgers, poutine (French fries with cheese curds and gravy), and its well-liked Frosty milkshakes.

Most Popular Food Items At Wendy’s:

When you are in a hurry, who do you turn to? That is correct, Wendy’s! 

The remarkable team at Wendy’s works hard to make the food as quickly as possible so that you do not need to wait long when you desire something tasty to consume. 

From their well-known Frosties to the hamburgers that made them well-known, Canadians like Wendy’s, and they know they can always get precisely what they desire and require from the outstanding staff at any of the local Wendy’s eateries.


If you are searching for a tasty and hearty burger to sink your teeth into, the Baconator® is certainly the way to go. 

Packed with tasty North American bacon, this burger will surely satisfy your cravings. Plus, it is accessible at all Wendy’s restaurants in Canada.

Bacon Cheeseburger:

Are you searching for a filling and delicious burger? You cannot go wrong with Wendy’s Bacon Cheeseburger. 

This classic burger is made with crispy bacon, fresh beef, signature sauce, and melted cheese, all on a soft bun. It is perfect for a satisfying and quick meal any time of day. 

Plus, you can customize it to your preference with various toppings such as onion, jalapeno peppers, or avocado. So go ahead and get the best burger from Wendy’s Canada!

French Fries:

Ah, French fries, the quintessential side dish. Wendy’s French Fries are surely one of the highlights of the menu here. 

They are made with a blend of red and russet potatoes and are cooked in one hundred percent trans-fat-free oil.

They come in 3 diverse sizes: small, medium, and large. And if you desire to take them to the next level, you can get them Loaded with Cheese, Chili, or Bacon.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich:

If you are searching for a protein-packed and tasty meal, you cannot go wrong with Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich. 

This delicious sandwich is made with a crispy chicken filet topped with spicy sauce, jalapenos, and Pepper Jack cheese. 

It is the perfect meal for when you want something delicious and spicy!

Classic Chocolate Frosty®:

There is a reason the Classic Chocolate Frosty is one of Wendy’s most well-liked food items: it is tasty! 

This frosty treat is made with real chocolate and has a smooth and creamy texture that will leave you craving more.

You are in for a treat when you go to Canadian Wendy’s. From fries to burgers to desserts and tea, there is something for everybody on the menu.

Alternatives To Wendy’s In Canada:

Wendy’s might be the type of fast food in Canada, but that does not denote there are no alternatives for those who want to switch it up from time to time. 

Whether you desire an alternative burger or something else on the menu, there are other choices available.

Wendy’s Canada restaurants are found all across the country, making it one of the most readily accessible fast food places in the country. 

If you live in a region that is particularly underserved by healthier fast food choices, you might locate yourself at Wendy’s frequently enough to get sick of it. 

You may even locate yourself wishing that there were better Canadian fast food choices accessible to you! 

Fortunately, if you are searching for healthier alternatives to Wendy’s, you are in luck! Here are a few tasty fast food choices that are not Wendy’s.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: What Are The Opening Hours Of Canadian Wendy’s?

Wendy’s locations are open from 7.00 AM to 9.00 PM in Canada.

Q: Does Canadian Wendy’s Have Chili?

Yes. Canadian Wendy’s has Chili and costs C$2.99.

Q: Does Wendy’s Deliver Through Uber Eats In Canada?

Yes. Wendy’s delivers through Uber Eats in Canada and can charge between C$3.99–5.99 for the delivery.

Q: What’s The Most Costly Food Item On Canadian Wendy’s Menu?

The most pricey food item on Canadian Wendy’s menu is the Bacon Deluxe 3/4 Triple Combo for about C$14.99.

Q: What’s The Cheapest Food Item On The Canadian Wendy’s Menu?

The cheapest food item on Canadian Wendy’s menu is Nestea Iced Tea for around C$2.19.

Q: Does Wendy’s In Canada Gave A Veggie Burger?

No. Canadian Wendy’s used to offer a plant-based burger named the Plantiful, but they removed it from the menu in 2019.

Q: Does Wendy’s Have Fake Meat?

Wendy’s in Canada used to offer plant-based or fake meats in their burgers; however, they removed it in 2019.

Q: Does Canadian Wendy’s Have A Fish Sandwich?

Only Chicken sandwiches are accessible at the moment at Wendy’s in Canada, and no fish sandwiches are there.

Q: How Much Is A Baconator In Canada?

A Baconator at Wendy’s in Canada costs around C$9.29.


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