Volcano Pizzeria Menu & Prices in Canada – 2023

Prepare to savor a slice of pizza paradise as Volcano Pizzeria sets the Canadian culinary scene ablaze in 2023, igniting your taste buds with an explosive menu selection and sizzling prices that will leave you craving for more.

Appetizers and Sides

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken FingersCAN$ 14.99
Chicken Fingers (4 pcs) and Wedges ComboCAN$ 10.99
Cheese Calzone (12″)CAN$ 14.99
Mozzarella SticksCAN$ 8.99
Deep-Fried Pickle SpearsCAN$ 8.99
Jalapeno PoppersCAN$ 8.99
Potato WedgesCAN$ 6.99
Loaded Garlic Bread with CheeseCAN$ 5.49
Cheezy BreadCAN$ 12.99

Small Specialty Pizzas

Menu ItemsPrices
Volcano Works’ Pizza (Small)CAN$ 17.99
Margherita White Pizza (Small)CAN$ 16.99
Classic White Pizza (Small)CAN$ 16.99
Buffalo Chicken Pizza (Small)CAN$ 16.99
Meat Lover’s Pizza (Small)CAN$ 15.99
Johnny Lombardi Pizza (Small)CAN$ 17.99
Johnny Lombardi Pizza (Small)CAN$ 17.99
Vegetarian Pizza (Small)CAN$ 15.99
Greek White Pizza (Small)CAN$ 16.99

Medium Specialty Pizzas

Menu ItemsPrices
Volcano Works’ Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 28.99
Margherita Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 24.99
Margherita White Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 24.99
Classic White Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 28.99
Buffalo Chicken Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 25.99
Meat Lover’s Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 24.99
Johnny Lombardi Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 28.99
Hawaiian Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 21.99
Vegetarian Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 23.99
Pollo Pesto PizzaCAN$ 0

Large Specialty Pizzas

Menu ItemsCosts
Volcano Works’ Pizza (Large)CAN$ 33.99
Margherita Pizza (Large)CAN$ 28.99
Margherita White Pizza (Large)CAN$ 28.99
Classic White Pizza (Large)CAN$ 32.99
Buffalo Chicken Pizza (LargeCAN$ 31.99
Meat Lover’s Pizza (Large)CAN$ 28.99
Johnny Lombardi Pizza (Large)CAN$ 32.99
Hawaiian Pizza (Large)CAN$ 20.99
Vegetarian Pizza (Large)CAN$ 28.99
Ruchetta PizzaCAN$ 0

Build Your Own Pizzas

Menu ItemsPrices
Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza (Small)CAN$ 12.99
Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 18.99
Gluten-Friendly Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza (Medium)CAN$ 18.99
Cheese and Pepperoni Pizza (Large)CAN$ 20.99

Hot Subs

Menu ItemsPrices
Pizza SubCAN$ 14.99
Meatball SubCAN$ 15.99
Sausage SubCAN$ 15.99
Chicken Finger SubCAN$ 15.99

Cold Subs

Menu ItemsPrices
Ham SubCAN$ 14.99
Mortadella SubCAN$ 14.99
Capicolla SubCAN$ 14.99
Salami SubCAN$ 14.99
Assorted SubCAN$ 14.99
Prosciutto SubCAN$ 15.99

Jumbo Wings

Menu ItemsPrices
Jumbo WingsCAN$ 18.99

Pizza and Wing Combos

Menu ItemsCosts
Small Pizza and Wings (10 pcs) ComboCAN$ 22.99
Medium Pizza and Wings (10 pcs) ComboCAN$ 32.99
Large Pizza and Wings (20 pcs) ComboCAN$ 49.99
Large Pizza and Wings (30 pcs) ComboCAN$ 59.99


Menu ItemCost
Ranch DipCAN$ 1.99
Garlic DipCAN$ 1.99
Blue Cheese DipCAN$ 1.99


Menu ItemCost
Canned PopCAN$ 1.99
Water (Bottled)CAN$ 1.25

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