Taco Bell Menu & Prices in Canada – 2023

Spice up your mealtime with the Taco Bell Menu & Prices in Canada – where delicious Mexican flavors meet unbeatable value.

Craving a mouthwatering fast food experience in Canada?

Unlock the secrets of Taco Bell’s tantalizing menu and prices for 2023. 

Discover the perfect blend of flavor, value, and variety with Taco Bell’s diverse menu options. 

Whether you’re in search of tacos, burritos, or specialty items, Taco Bell Canada has you covered? 

Indulge in the ultimate culinary journey and savor every bite. Get ready to satisfy your cravings with Taco Bell’s menu for 2023 in Canada!

Below Menu & Prices, all are updated on May 07th, 2023.

Value & Group Bundles

Menu ItemPrice
Value BoxCAN$ 11.99
$15 Meal For TwoCAN$ 17.99
Veggie Cravings Meal For TwoCAN$ 27.99
Meal For SixCAN$ 55.99
Classic Cravings Meal For FourCAN$ 44.99
Grande Cravings Meal For SixCAN$ 53.99
Variety PackCAN$ 28.99
Crunchwrap Cravings Meal For TwoCAN$ 27.99

Limited Time Offer

Menu ItemPrice
Beef Supreme Grande NachosCAN$ 10.49
Spicy Beef Supreme Grande NachosCAN$ 10.49
Loaded Taco Grande NachosCAN$ 10.49
Grande Nachos ComboCAN$ 12.49
Grande Nachos DuoCAN$ 21.49

$5 Fan Favourites

Menu ItemsPrices
Crunchwrap Supreme®CAN$ 5
Cheesy Gordita Crunch®CAN$ 5
Burrito Supreme®CAN$ 5
2 Tacos Supreme®CAN$ 5


Menu ItemCosts
2 Steak Soft Tacos ComboCAN$ 10.99
2 Chalupas Supreme® ComboCAN$ 11.49
2 Doritos® Locos Tacos Supreme® ComboCAN$ 11.29
Crunchwrap Supreme® ComboCAN$ 11.49
Cheesy Gordita Crunch® ComboCAN$ 10.99
2 Tacos Supreme® ComboCAN$ 10.99
Burrito Supreme® ComboCAN$ 11.49
Quesadilla ComboCAN$ 11.29

Party Pack

Menu ItemPrice
Crunchy Tacos Party PackCAN$ 28.49
Doritos® Locos Tacos Party PackCAN$ 32.99


Menu ItemPrices
Crunchy Taco Beef or BeanCAN$ 3.29
Beef Soft TacoCAN$ 3.29
Doritos® Locos TacoCAN$ 3.69
Crunchy Taco Supreme®CAN$ 3.69
Beef Soft Taco Supreme®CAN$ 3.69
Steak Soft TacoCAN$ 4.69


Menu ItemsPrices
7-Layer Burrito® BeefCAN$ 7.69
Bean BurritoCAN$ 4.49
Cheesy Bean and Rice BurritoCAN$ 3.49
Chili Cheese BurritoCAN$ 4.59
Beef BurritoCAN$ 3.89
Burrito Supreme®CAN$ 5

Specialty items

Menu ItemPrice
Chalupa Supreme®CAN$ 6.99
Cheesy Gordita Crunch®CAN$ 5
Steak QuesadillaCAN$ 7.69
Crunchwrap Supreme®CAN$ 5


Menu ItemsPrices
Bean Crunchy TacoCAN$ 3.29
Bean Soft TacoCAN$ 3.29
Bean Crunchy Taco Supreme®CAN$ 3.69
Bean Soft Taco Supreme®CAN$ 3.69
Cheese QuesadillaCAN$ 5.99
Bean BurritoCAN$ 4.49
Bean Cheesy Gordita Crunch®CAN$ 5
Bean Crunchwrap Supreme®CAN$ 5

Nachos & Fries

Menu ItemPrice
Fries Supreme®CAN$ 4.99
Nacho Supreme®CAN$ 4.99
Chili Cheese FriesCAN$ 4.99
Regular FriesCAN$ 3.29
Chips with Nacho Cheese SauceCAN$ 3.49

Extra Add Ons

Menu ItemPrice
JalapeñosCAN$ 0.99
Nacho CheeseCAN$ 1.25


Menu ItemPrices
20 oz DrinkCAN$ 2.99
32 oz DrinkCAN$ 3.29
Aquafina® Water – Purified Bottled Water 591 mlCAN$ 3.49


Menu ListPrice
4pk Cinnabon® Delights™CAN$ 3.49
Cinnamon TwistsCAN$ 2.99

Taco Bell Alternatives in Canada

Taco Bell Canada: A Fast Food Destination

Step into the world of Taco Bell Canada and experience a culinary adventure like no other. 

Recognized for its flavorful and vibrant offerings, Taco Bell has garnered a dedicated following of fans who crave its unique mixture of Mexican-inspired fast food. 

From its welcoming ambiance to its friendly service, Taco Bell Canada offers a welcoming and warm environment for both avid foodies and casual diners alike. 

Whether you are looking for a quick bite on the go or a satisfying meal with family and friends, Taco Bell Canada has established itself as a fast food place that never fails to deliver on quality, taste, and value.

Taco Bell Menu & Prices In Canada For 2023:

Get ready to be captivated by the diverse and extensive menu at Taco Bell Canada. 

With a range of choices to cater to diverse dietary preferences and tastes, Taco Bell provides something for everybody. 

From their mouthwatering burritos to iconic tacos and specialty items, every dish is crafted to perfection, showcasing fresh ingredients and bold flavors. 

In addition, Taco Bell’s commitment to affordability is evident in its pricing strategy, permitting consumers to enjoy a filling meal without breaking the bank. 

As I explain the Taco Bell menu for 2023, I’ll explore the thrilling menu categories, and highlight limited-time offers, value bundles, and popular items that are sure to leave you wanting more.

Join me as I begin a culinary journey through the Taco Bell menu and prices in Canada for 2023, and discover why Taco Bell Canada has become a favorite option for fast food fans across the nation.

What Are The Most Popular Items On Taco Bell’s Menu In Canada?

When it comes to the menu at Taco Bell Canada, there are numerous food items that have gained immense popularity among consumers. 

These fan-favorite items are recognized for their unique appeal and tasty flavors. Here are a few of the most well-liked food items at Taco Bell in Canada:

The Grilled Stuft Burrito: 

Packed with flavors, the Grilled Stuft Burrito is a satisfying and hearty option. 

It has a large flour tortilla filled with marinated grilled chicken or seasoned beef, a three-cheese blend, creamy refried beans, Mexican rice, and your preferred, flavorful sauces. 

This filling and indulgent burrito is a go-to option for those craving a substantial meal.

Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries: 

A true crowd-pleaser, Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries have become an iconic item. These seasoned and crispy French fries are served with a side of warm nacho cheese dipping sauce, making an ideal mixture of satisfying crunch and savory flavors.

The Beefy Mini Quesadilla: 

Despite its size, the Beefy Mini Quesadilla packs a punch in terms of taste. It features a warm flour tortilla filled with creamy chipotle sauce, a three-cheese blend, and seasoned beef. 

This mini quesadilla is the crowd favorite for its convenient size and rich flavors.

The Crispy Potato Soft Taco: 

Combining flavors and textures, the Crispy Potato Soft Taco is a popular and unique food item. 

It has a warm, soft tortilla filled with seasoned, a sprinkle of shredded cheese, crispy potato bites, shredded lettuce, and tangy chipotle sauce. 

The contrast between the soft tortilla and crispy potatoes makes for a delightful bite.

The Chicken Soft Taco: 

A classic option, the Chicken Soft Taco is beloved by a lot of Taco Bell fans. It has a soft tortilla filled with a tangy sauce, shredded lettuce, and marinated grilled chicken. The simplicity of this food item permits the flavors to shine, making it a satisfying and popular option.

These popular menu items from Taco Bell Canada’s menu showcase the company’s commitment to unique combinations and bold flavors. Every menu item provides a distinct taste experience that keeps people coming back for more.

About Taco Bell:

Taco Bell has a rich history that goes back to 1962 when Glen Bell opened the very 1st Taco Bell eatery in Downey, California. 

What began as a small taco stand rapidly grew into a flourishing fast-food chain recognized for its groundbreaking approach to Mexican-inspired cuisine. 

Over the years, Taco Bell expanded its footprint, capturing the taste buds and hearts of millions across the globe.

Today, Taco Bell is a global brand with a strong presence in Canada. 

The company’s popularity stems from its creative menu offerings, a unique mixture of flavors, and a commitment to offering a memorable and fun dining experience. 

Taco Bell’s crave-worthy and bold menu items have become iconic, drawing a diverse fan base that spans diverse backgrounds and age groups.

Commitment To Customer Satisfaction And Quality: 

At Taco Bell, customer satisfaction and quality are of utmost importance. The company takes pride in utilizing fresh ingredients and prudently crafted recipes to provide an enchanting taste experience with each bite. 

From their marinated grilled chicken and seasoned beef to their crunchy shells and signature sauces, Taco Bell is committed to guaranteeing that every ingredient meets the highest quality standards.

In addition to its concentration on quality, Taco Bell places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. 

They try to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in their eateries, where people can enjoy their meals in a comfortable setting. 

Taco Bell values feedback from its consumers and continually seeks ways for improving its offerings, whether it is by refining existing recipes, introducing new menu items, or embracing emerging trends.

With a passion for gastronomic innovation and a dedication to serving up affordable and tasty meals, Taco Bell continues to push the boundaries of fast food, getting a special place in the hearts of food lovers worldwide.

Why Has Taco Bell Become A Beloved Fast Food Choice For Many?

Taco Bell has earned its position as a well-liked fast food option for many reasons, successfully delivering on both the dining experience and flavor.

Here is why Taco Bell has captured the hearts of many:

Diverse Menu Offerings: 

Taco Bell provides a diverse variety of menu choices, catering to diverse dietary choices and preferences. 

Whether you are a vegetarian, a meat lover, or searching for plant-based alternatives, Taco Bell has something for everybody. 

Their menu comprises various specialty items, burritos, tacos, and vegetarian-friendly options, ensuring there is always a satisfying choice for each customer.

Irresistible And Bold Flavors: 

Taco Bell is famous for its innovative and bold flavor combinations. From their flavorful seasoned beef to their perfectly spiced fillings and zesty sauces, every menu item is made to excite the taste buds and leave a lasting impression. 

Taco Bell’s unique mixture of Mexican-inspired flavors, paired with their creative twists, sets them apart from other fast food choices.

Memorable And Fun Dining Experience: 

Taco Bell goes beyond just offering amazing food. The company has made a distinctive dining experience that is inclusive, casual, and fun. 

Their playful and vibrant eatery designs, friendly staff, and upbeat music contribute to a friendly atmosphere that makes consumers feel at ease and comfortable. 

Taco Bell has become a gathering place where families and friends can enjoy a delicious meal in an enjoyable and lively environment.

Affordable Prices: 

Taco Bell comprehends the significance of offering value to consumers. They have established themselves as a fast food brand that provides tasty meals at affordable costs. 

From their value menus to promotions and combo deals, Taco Bell aims to make their tasty offerings accessible to an extensive range of consumers, regardless of budget constraints.

Continuous Innovation: 

Taco Bell is recognized for its nonstop innovation in the fast food industry. They regularly introduce new items, creative promotions, and limited-time offers for keeping their consumers excited and engaged. 

By staying ahead of trends and listening to consumer feedback, Taco Bell continually evolves its menu for meeting the changing preferences and tastes of its consumers.

Through a mixture of bold flavors, affordability, diverse menu offerings, a commitment to innovation, and an engaging dining experience, Taco Bell has successfully carved a niche in the fast food market. 

They have become a go-to place for people looking for a satisfying and delicious meal that goes beyond the ordinary. 

Taco Bell’s capability of delivering on both dining experience and flavor has earned them a loyal following that continues to enjoy the memorable and unique Taco Bell experience.

Alternatives To Taco Bell In Canada:

Taco Bell has become one of the most well-liked Mexican fast food brands since it was founded back in 1962, and in the years since then, it has made a few big changes and innovations. 

You might love its nachos, burritos, and tacos, and make certain to check out these if there is no Taco Bell in your hometown or searching for something different.

Burger King:

A famous fast-food brand, BK provides an extensive selection of chicken sandwiches, burgers, sides, salads, and desserts. 

While their menu is primarily concentrated on burgers, BK also offers numerous specialty items and limited-time offerings that cater to diverse tastes.

Tim Hortons:

Recognized for its baked goods and coffee, Tim Hortons also provides a variety of fast food options, comprising wraps, sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, salads, and soups. 

While not focusing on Mexican cuisine like Taco Bell, Tim Hortons offers a diverse menu that caters to diverse preferences throughout the day.


McDonald’s is an internationally recognized fast food company that provides a diverse menu featuring chicken sandwiches, burgers, breakfast items, salads, and more. 

While not Mexican-inspired, McDonald’s offers a familiar and convenient fast food experience with its iconic menu items.

Swiss Chalet:

Swiss Chalet is a well-liked Canadian fast-food chain that specializes in rotisserie chicken dishes. 

They provide a variety of options, comprising ribs, quarter chicken dinners, wraps, sandwiches, and salads. 

Swiss Chalet offers a unique alternative to Taco Bell with its concentration on flavorful sauces and roasted meats.

Mr. Sub:

It’s a Canadian fast food brand recognized for its submarine sandwiches. They provide various sandwich options, comprising deli-style meats, cold cuts, and vegetarian choices. 

If you are in the mood for a diverse kind of fast food experience that concentrates on sandwiches, Mr. Sub is a viable alternative to Taco Bell.

These alternatives to Taco Bell in Canada provide their own unique flavors and menus, catering to diverse cravings and preferences. 

Whether you are in the mood for baked goods and coffee, roasted chicken, burgers, submarine sandwiches, or classic fast food options, these alternatives offer various choices for satisfying your hunger.

Frequently Asked Questions Section: 

Q: What Are The Opening Hours Of Taco Bell Canada?

Taco Bell eateries in Canada are open from 10.30 AM to 12.45 AM.

Q: What Is The Most Expensive Menu Item On Taco Bell’s Menu In Canada?

The most costly menu item on the Taco Bell menu is the Grande Cravings Meal For Six for around C$53.99.

Q: What Is The Cheapest Food Item On Taco Bell’s Menu In Canada?

The cheapest menu item on the Taco Bell menu is Bean Soft Taco for C$3.29.

Q: Does Taco Bell Uses Uber Eats For Delivery In Canada?

Yes. Taco Bell delivers through Uber Eats in Canada and can cost between C$3.99–C$5.99 for the delivery.


In conclusion, Taco Bell Canada stands out as an affordable and flavorful fast food option for Canadian food lovers. 

With its diverse menu choices, Taco Bell satisfies cravings with delicious and bold flavors that cater to numerous tastes. 

Whether you are searching for mouthwatering nachos, indulgent burritos, or crunchy tacos, Taco Bell provides a variety of options for tantalizing your taste buds. 

Furthermore, Taco Bell’s competitive pricing guarantees that you can enjoy a filling meal without breaking the bank. 

Embracing a commitment to customer satisfaction and quality, Taco Bell Canada keeps on being a beloved spot for those looking for a delicious fast food experience.


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