Sushi Shop Menu & Prices in Canada – 2023


Menu ItemPrice
Shrimp Tempura(5pcs)CAN$ 9
Yam Tempura(8pcs)CAN$ 6.5
EdamameCAN$ 6.5
Gyoza(6pcs)CAN$ 6.5
Vegetable Tempura(8pcs)CAN$ 7.5
Deep Fried Scallop(8pcs)CAN$ 7.5
Tempura Appetizer(7pcs)CAN$ 8
Deep Fried Spring Rolls(8pcs)CAN$ 7.5

Soup and Salad

Menu ItemPrice
Miso SoupCAN$ 2
Green SaladCAN$ 3
Avocado SaladCAN$ 6.5
Seaweed SaladCAN$ 7
Seafood SaladCAN$ 9
Kani SaladCAN$ 9

Sushi and Sashimi A La CarStuesh

Menu ItemPrice
Salmon Roses(1pcs)CAN$ 3.5
Crispy Spicy Tuna(1pcs)CAN$ 2.8
Crispy Spicy Crab Meat(1pcs)CAN$ 2.5
Tuna(1pcs)CAN$ 2.5
B.B.Q. Eel(1pcs)CAN$ 2.5
Salmon(1pcs)CAN$ 2
Shrimp(1pcs)CAN$ 1.8
Octopus(1pcs)CAN$ 2

Special Roll

Menu ItemPrice
Green Dragon Roll(8pcs)CAN$ 13.5
House Special Roll(8pcs)CAN$ 15
Red Dragon Roll(8pcs)CAN$ 14
Unagi Dragon Roll(8pcs)CAN$ 15
Golden California(8pcs)CAN$ 14
Futomaki(8pcs)CAN$ 8.5
Rainbow Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 15
Dynamite Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 8.5


Menu ItemPrice
Cucumber and Avocado Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 6.5
Sweet Potato and Avocado Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 7.5
Sweet Potato Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 6.5
Spicy Avocado Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 6.5
Cucumber Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 6.5
Avocado Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 6.5
Mushroom Roll(6pcs)CAN$ 6.5

Chef Special

Menu ItemPrice
Cucumber Wrap(4pcs)CAN$ 9
Salmon Wrap(4pcs)CAN$ 13
ChirahiCAN$ 18

Sashimi Combo

Menu ItemPrice
Sashimi Combo B(15 PCs)CAN$ 20.5
Sashimi Combo A (10 pcs)CAN$ 18
Sashimi Combo C (30pc)CAN$ 42.5


Menu ItemPrice
Tempura DonCAN$ 13
Unagi DonCAN$ 17
Salmon Teriyaki DonCAN$ 15
Chicken Teriyaki DonCAN$ 13
Beef Teriyaki DonCAN$ 14

Bento Box

Menu ItemPrice
Box BCAN$ 24
Box ACAN$ 22

Sushi Combo

Menu ItemPrice
Sushi Combo A(13pcs)CAN$ 19
Sushi Combo B(15 Pcs)CAN$ 21
Sushi Combo C(17pcs)CAN$ 23

Maki Combo

Menu ItemPrice
Salmon Set(11 PCs)CAN$ 20
Tuna Set (11 Pcs)CAN$ 21.5
Hand Roll Set(3pcs)CAN$ 13
Vegetable Roll Set(18pcs)CAN$ 15
Maki SetCAN$ 25
Spicy Maki Set(24pcs)CAN$ 29


Menu ItemPrice
JuiceCAN$ 2.5
Bottled DrinksCAN$ 3
Canned DrinksCAN$ 2
Japanese Soft DrinksCAN$ 4.2
WaterCAN$ 1.5

Party Tray

Menu ItemPrice
Part Tray A(42pcs)CAN$ 49
Party Tray B(62pcs)CAN$ 71


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