Red Robin Menu & Prices in Canada – 2023

Steakhouse Summer

Menu ItemPrice
Savoury Steakhouse BurgerCAN$ 19.79
Loaded Baked Potato FriesCAN$ 9.89
*NEW* Freckled Lemonade CakeCAN$ 7.69
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake MilkshakeCAN$ 7.69
Kid’s Pineapple Upside-Down Cake MilkshakeCAN$ 4.39

Milkshakes & Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Pineapple Upside-Down Cake MilkshakeCAN$ 7.69
Oreo Cookie Magic MilkshakeCAN$ 7.69
Classic MilkshakesCAN$ 7.69
Kid’s Pineapple Upside-Down Cake MilkshakeCAN$ 4.39
Kid’s Classic MilkshakesCAN$ 4.39
Freckled Lemonade SmoothieCAN$ 6.59
Coconut Pineapple SmoothieCAN$ 6.59
Hawaiian Heart Throb SmoothieCAN$ 6.59


Menu ItemPrice
Soft Drinks (500 ml)CAN$ 3.95
Gold Peak Tea (547 ml)CAN$ 4.39
Original Monster Energy (355 ml)CAN$ 5.49
Monster Energy Zero Ultra (355 ml)CAN$ 5.49
Dasani Water (591 ml)CAN$ 3.29
Red Bull Energy Drink (250ml)CAN$ 5.49
Minute Maid Orange Juice (355 ml)CAN$ 4.39
Fa!rlife Chocolate Milk (240 ml)CAN$ 3.95


Menu ItemPrice
Pretzel BitesCAN$ 8.79
Jalapeno DippersCAN$ 12.09
Towering Onion Rings®CAN$ 14.29
The O-Ring Shorty®CAN$ 8.79
Bar Wings and Yukon ChipsCAN$ 15.39
Yam FriesCAN$ 8.79
Fried Pickle NickelsCAN$ 10.44
Creamy Artichoke and Spinach DipCAN$ 12.64
Loaded Baked Potato FriesCAN$ 9.89
Dry RibsCAN$ 13.19
Red’s Popcorn ShrimpCAN$ 12.64
Poutine FriesCAN$ 9.89

Finest Burgers

Menu ItemPrice
The Madlove BurgerCAN$ 20.89
Black & Bleu BurgerCAN$ 20.89
The Master Cheese BurgerCAN$ 20.67
The Southern Charm Burger®CAN$ 20.67
Smoke & Pepper™ BurgerCAN$ 20.67

Gourmet Burgers

Menu ItemPrice
Scorpion Gourmet BurgerCAN$ 19.79
Impossible™ CheeseburgerCAN$ 20.89
Monster BurgerCAN$ 20.89
Royal Red Robin BurgerCAN$ 18.14
Banzai BurgerCAN$ 18.69
Burnin’ Love Burger®CAN$ 18.69
Whiskey River® BBQ Beef BurgerCAN$ 18.69
Sauteed ‘Shroom BurgerCAN$ 18.69

Tavern Burgers

Menu ItemPrice
Pig-out Tavern DoubleCAN$ 16.49
Red’s Tavern Double®CAN$ 14.84
Haystack Tavern DoubleCAN$ 14.84

Chicken Sandwiches & Wraps

Menu ItemPrice
Buzzin’ Chicken SandwichCAN$ 19.24
Teriyaki Chicken BurgerCAN$ 19.24
Whiskey River® BBQ ChickenCAN$ 19.24
Bruschetta ChickenCAN$ 19.24
California Chicken BurgerCAN$ 19.24
Crispy Chicken BurgerCAN$ 19.24
Simply Grilled Chicken BurgerCAN$ 17.59
Whiskey River® BBQ Chicken WrapCAN$ 17.59
Caesar’s Chicken WrapCAN$ 17.59
BLTA CroissantCAN$ 18.69
Blackened Chicken BurgerCAN$ 19.24

Family Burger Bundles

Menu ItemPrice
Burger Bundle for 6CAN$ 99
Burger Bundle for 5CAN$ 82.5
Burger Bundle for 4CAN$ 66

Fresh Salads

Menu ItemPrice
Avo-Cobb-O SaladCAN$ 20.34
Crispy Chicken Tender SaladCAN$ 19.24
Mighty Chicken Caesar SaladCAN$ 17.59
Simply Grilled Chicken SaladCAN$ 17.04


Menu ItemPrice
Arctic Cod Fish and ChipsCAN$ 19.79
Clucks and FriesCAN$ 17.59
Clucks and ShrimpCAN$ 19.79
Ensenada Chicken™ PlatterCAN$ 21.99
Buzz Clucks and GreensCAN$ 20.89
Red’s Popcorn Shrimp and ChipsCAN$ 18.69
Onesenada Chicken PlatterCAN$ 18.69
Classic Creamy Mac ‘n’ CheeseCAN$ 16.49
Buzz Clucks and Fries®CAN$ 18.69
Clucks and GreensCAN$ 19.79

Kid’s Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Red’s CheeseburgerCAN$ 7.14
Cluck-A-DoodlesCAN$ 7.14
Grilled Chicken Dip’nsCAN$ 8.79
M.V.Pizza PepperoniCAN$ 7.14
Corn DoggiesCAN$ 7.69
Mac It YoursCAN$ 7.14
Kid’s Pineapple Upside-Down Cake MilkshakeCAN$ 4.39
Kid’s Classic MilkshakesCAN$ 4.39
Fudge-stuffed Chocolate Chip CookiesCAN$ Priced by add-ons
M.V.Pizza CheeseCAN$ 6.59


Menu ItemPrice
Side of Garlic FriesCAN$ 8.79
Side of Steak FriesCAN$ 7.69
Side of Yukon ChipsCAN$ 5.49
Side Mac n’ CheeseCAN$ 4.39
Side of Caesar SaladCAN$ 7.69
Side of House SaladCAN$ 7.69
Side of Steamed BroccoliCAN$ 4.39
Yam FriesCAN$ 8.79
Poutine FriesCAN$ 9.89
Side of GravyCAN$ 1.97

Deliciously Dunkable Dipping Sauces

Menu ItemPrice
Cheesy Bacon Fondue Dipping SauceCAN$ 2.19
Limited-time Scorpion SauceCAN$ 1.97
Red Pepper JellyCAN$ 1.97
Red’s Secret Tavern™ SauceCAN$ 1.97
Roasted Garlic AioliCAN$ 1.97
Smoke & Pepper™ KetchupCAN$ 1.97
House-made SalsaCAN$ 1.97
Campfire Creamy BBQ MayonnaiseCAN$ 1.75
Plum SauceCAN$ 0.87
Bleu Cheese DressingCAN$ 0.87
HP SauceCAN$ 0.87
Side of GravyCAN$ 1.97


Menu ItemPrice
Cinnamon Sugar DOH! Rings®CAN$ 14.29
Cinnamon Sugar DOH! Rings® Shorty®CAN$ 7.69
Freckled Lemonade CakeCAN$ 7.69


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