Pizzaiolo Menu & Prices in Canada – 2023

Craving mouthwatering pizzas in Canada?

Look no further than Pizzaiolo, your go-to pizza restaurant offering an extensive menu of delectable pizzas.

Discover the perfect blend of quality ingredients, authentic flavors, and affordable prices as we unveil the tantalizing world of Pizzaiolo’s pizza menu prices in Canada for 2023.

Get ready to indulge in a Canadian pizza experience like no other, where every bite is worth its weight in flavor.

Pizzaiolo has established itself as a beloved pizza restaurant chain with multiple locations across Canada. With a strong commitment to quality and taste, Pizzaiolo has become a go-to destination for pizza lovers seeking an exceptional culinary experience.

At Pizzaiolo, every pizza is crafted with utmost care and attention to detail.

Only the finest ingredients are used, ensuring that each bite bursts with authentic flavors. From the savory sauce to the perfectly melted cheese and the delectable toppings, Pizzaiolo spares no effort in delivering a pizza that exceeds expectations.

Moreover, Pizzaiolo is dedicated to offering its culinary creations at affordable prices, making them accessible to pizza enthusiasts of all budgets.

I want to share my passion for pizza and my love for Pizzaiolo’s delectable creations. Together, we’ll dive into their extensive menu, filled with a tantalizing array of pizzas that cater to every palate.

From classic favorites to unique and innovative combinations, Pizzaiolo has something for everyone.

But this guide goes beyond just showcasing the mouthwatering pizzas.

I want to ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions when it comes to ordering your favorite pie.

That’s why we’ll also be exploring the pricing structure, breaking down the costs, and giving you a comprehensive understanding of the value you can expect from your pizza purchase.

Pizzaiolo Menu & Prices in Canada

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Gourmet Meat Pizzas

Menu ItemPrice
Canadiana PizzaCAN$ 19.54
Capone PizzaCAN$ 20.67
Gianni Ola PizzaCAN$ 19.54
Honolulu PizzaCAN$ 19.54
Mafioso PizzaCAN$ 21.79
Sicilian PizzaCAN$ 19.54
The Godfather Pizza (Extra Thick Crust)CAN$ 22.71
Toni Pepperoni PizzaCAN$ 16.99

Gourmet Vegetarian Pizzas

Menu ItemsCosts
Spinotta PizzaCAN$ 20.84
Veggie Lover PizzaCAN$ 21.79
Bianca PizzaCAN$ 20.67
Casino PizzaCAN$ 19.54
Primavera PizzaCAN$ 20.67
Sofia PizzaCAN$ 13.62
The Sonny PizzaCAN$ 19.54
Mediterranean PizzaCAN$ 21.79

Gourmet Vegan Pizzas

Menu ItemCost
Fredo “V” PizzaCAN$ 17.29
Vittoria “V” PizzaCAN$ 19.54
Whole Wheat Diana “V” PizzaCAN$ 21.79
Amalfi PizzaCAN$ 17.29
Maggie PizzaCAN$ 15.04
Nacho LibreCAN$ 19.54
Super Funghi PizzaCAN$ 17.29
The Godmother Pizza (Extra Thick Crust)CAN$ 23.79

Gluten Free & Cauliflower Pizza

Items ListMenu Prices
Peppi PizzaCAN$ 15.28
Pollo Picante PizzaCAN$ 20.65
Rita PizzaCAN$ 15.28
Sweetie Pie PizzaCAN$ 17.07
Vegetale PizzaCAN$ 18.86
Yolo PizzaCAN$ 19.76
Giardiniera PizzCAN$ 20.65

Gourmet Plant Based Pizza

Menu ItemPrice
Plantayolo PizzaCAN$ 17.29
Plant Powered Peppi PizzaCAN$ 15.04
Gio PizCAN$ 24.04
Asiago Chicken – 10″ Small (6 Slices)CAN$ 0


Menu ItemPrice
Baked Calzone with Cheese and SauceCAN$ 8.99
Asiago Chicken – 11” Xtra-Thin (8 Slices)CAN$ 0

Salads & Breads

Menu ItemPrice
Garden SaladCAN$ 6.99
Greco SaladCAN$ 6.99
Caesar SaladCAN$ 6.99
Garlic BreadCAN$ 7.99
Asiago Chicken – 11” Gluten-Free CrustCAN$ 0

Dipping Sauces

Menu ItemPrice
Cheddar Chipotle SauceCAN$ 0.99
Creamy Garlic SauceCAN$ 0.99
Marinara SauceCAN$ 0.99
Ranch SauceCAN$ 0.99
Asiago Chicken – 12″ Medium (8 Slices)CAN$ 0


Menu ItemCost
BrioCAN$ 2.59
Canned Pop (355ml)CAN$ Priced by add-ons
San PellegrinoCAN$ 2.69
Bottled Pop (473ml)CAN$ Priced by add-ons
Asiago Chicken – 14” Large (10 Slices)CAN$ 0

About Pizzaiolo:

Pizzaiolo was founded in 2000 by a passionate pizza enthusiast named Raffaele Oliverio.

Inspired by his Italian heritage and love for authentic Neapolitan pizza, Oliverio set out to create a pizza restaurant that would bring the taste of Italy to Atlantic Canada. Starting with a single location in Toronto, Pizzaiolo quickly gained popularity for its delicious and traditional pizzas.

Driven by its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Pizzaiolo expanded its presence across Ontario and eventually throughout Canada.

Through the years, the brand has remained true to its roots, using only the finest ingredients, hand-tossed dough, and wood-fired ovens to create its signature pizzas.

With a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, Pizzaiolo has evolved its menu to cater to various dietary preferences and tastes. They introduced gluten-free crusts to accommodate customers with gluten sensitivities and expanded their vegetarian and vegan options to provide a wider selection for plant-based eaters.

Today, Pizzaiolo continues to thrive as one of Canada’s most beloved pizza chains. Their commitment to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction has earned them a loyal following and numerous accolades within the industry.

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Pizza places in Canada

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Pricing Structure at Pizzaiolo:

Transparent and Competitive Pricing:

Pizzaiolo follows a transparent pricing structure, ensuring customers are aware of the costs associated with their pizza orders.

The prices are competitive within the industry, offering value for money. According to the Pizzaiolo Official Website, they are committed to providing quality pizzas at affordable prices.

Based on Pizza Size and Choice of Toppings:

The menu prices at Pizzaiolo vary based on the size of the pizza and the selection of toppings. Customers can customize their pizzas by choosing from a wide range of delicious toppings.

Breakdown of Prices for Different Pizza Sizes

Personal-sized Pizzas:

Pizzaiolo offers personal-sized pizzas, perfect for individual servings or a light meal. These pizzas are priced affordably, making them a popular choice among customers. (Source: Pizzaiolo Official Menu)

Medium-sized Pizzas:

The medium-sized pizzas at Pizzaiolo are great for sharing between two to three people. They are reasonably priced, striking a balance between portion size and cost. (Source: Pizzaiolo Official Menu)

Large-sized Pizzas:

For larger gatherings or hungry groups, Pizzaiolo’s large-sized pizzas are the ideal choice. These pizzas offer generous servings and come at competitive prices. (Source: Pizzaiolo Official Menu)

Extra-large Pizzas:

Pizzaiolo also caters to larger groups with its extra-large pizzas. These pizzas provide ample servings and are priced accordingly to accommodate larger parties. (Source: Pizzaiolo Official Menu)

Ongoing Deals, Promotions, or Combo Offers

Special Deals on Specific Pizzas: Pizzaiolo frequently offers special deals on selected pizzas, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite flavors at discounted prices. (Source: Pizzaiolo Official Website or Pizzaiolo Social Media)

Combo Offers with Sides and Beverages:

In addition to individual pizzas, Pizzaiolo provides combo offers that include sides such as salads, garlic bread, or beverages, giving customers a complete meal package at a competitive price. (Source: Pizzaiolo Official Website or Pizzaiolo Official Menu)

Competitive Prices within the Pizza Industry:

Pizzaiolo strives to offer affordable prices while maintaining the quality and taste of its pizzas. The menu prices are designed to be competitive within the pizza industry, providing value for money to customers. According to market research on the pizza industry, Pizzaiolo’s prices are in line with industry standards.

Providing Value for Money:

With a focus on quality ingredients and delicious flavors, Pizzaiolo ensures that customers feel they are getting their money’s worth with each pizza they order. Based on customer reviews and testimonials, Pizzaiolo is highly regarded for its affordability and excellent taste.

FAQ: Pizzaiolo Menu in Canada

Q: What types of pizzas does Pizzaiolo offer on their menu?

Pizzaiolo offers a variety of pizzas, including classic margaritas, pepperoni, BBQ chicken, and vegetarian options.

Q: Are there gluten-free options available on Pizzaiolo’s menu?

Yes, Pizzaiolo offers gluten-free pizza crusts for customers with dietary restrictions.

Absolutely! Pizzaiolo allows you to customize your pizza toppings according to your preferences.

Q: Can I customize my pizza toppings at Pizzaiolo?

Absolutely! Pizzaiolo allows you to customize your pizza toppings according to your preferences.

Q: Does Pizzaiolo offer vegetarian or vegan pizza options?

Yes, Pizzaiolo offers vegetarian and vegan pizza options, such as the Veggie Lovers and Vegan Margherita pizzas.

Q: What are the different sizes of pizzas available at Pizzaiolo?

Pizzaiolo offers different pizza sizes, including personal, medium, and large, to accommodate various appetites.

Q: Are there any specialty pizzas unique to Pizzaiolo’s menu?

Pizzaiolo features specialty pizzas like the Pizzaiolo Special, Capricciosa, and Buffalo Chicken, with unique flavor combinations.

Q: How many slices are there in a standard pizza at Pizzaiolo?

The number of slices in a standard pizza at Pizzaiolo depends on the size and can range from 6 to 10 slices.

Q: Does Pizzaiolo offer any deals or promotions on its menu items?

Pizzaiolo often provides deals and promotions, such as discounts on specific pizzas or combo offers.

Q: Are there any side dishes or appetizers available to complement the pizzas?

Yes, Pizzaiolo offers a selection of side dishes and appetizers, including garlic bread, salads, and chicken wings.

Q: Can I order online or through a mobile app from Pizzaiolo?

Yes, Pizzaiolo provides online ordering and a mobile app for convenient and efficient pizza delivery or pickup.

Q: What are the opening hours of Pizzaiolo Canada?

The typical opening hours of Pizzaiolo Canada are from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Monday to Sunday. However, please note that the opening hours may vary slightly depending on the specific location. It is always a good idea to check the official website or contact the nearest Pizzaiolo restaurant for the most accurate and current opening hours.

Q: What is the cheapest item on Pizzaiolo’s menu in Canada?

The cheapest item on Pizzaiolo’s menu in Canada is the Garden Salad, priced at CAN$ 6.99. However, menu items and prices may vary by location and time, so it’s best to check the official Pizzaiolo website or contact your nearest Pizzaiolo location for the most current information.

Q: What is the most expensive food item on Pizzaiolo’s menu in Canada?

The most costly food item on Pizzaiolo’s menu in Canada is The Godfather Pizza having Extra Thick Crust, priced at CAN$ 22.71. However, menu items and prices can vary by location and time, so it’s advisable to check the official Pizzaiolo website or contact your nearest Pizzaiolo restaurant for the latest menu and pricing details.

Q: Does Pizzaiolo uses Uber Eats for delivery in Canada?

Yes, Pizzaiolo does deliver with Uber Eats in Canada. You can conveniently order your favorite pizzas and other menu items from Pizzaiolo through Uber Eats for delivery straight to your doorstep.

Bottom Line

Pizzaiolo offers a diverse menu of delicious pizzas with authentic flavors and high-quality ingredients in Canada.

With affordable prices, gluten-free options, and customizable choices, Pizzaiolo caters to a wide range of preferences.

Whether you’re looking for classic varieties or specialty pizzas, Pizzaiolo has something to satisfy every pizza lover. Don’t forget to check out their menu and prices for 2023, and enjoy the convenience of ordering through Uber Eats for a seamless delivery experience.


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