Pizza Hotline Menu & Prices in Canada – 2023

Looking for mouthwatering pizza options with affordable prices in Canada?

Look no further than Pizza Hotline!

With their extensive menu and tantalizing flavors, Pizza Hotline is the go-to destination for pizza lovers across the country.

Whether you’re craving a classic Margherita or a loaded Meat Lovers, Pizza Hotline has got you covered.

Dial their phone number now, and get ready to embark on a culinary journey filled with cheesy goodness. With each bite, you’ll experience a burst of flavors that will leave you craving for more. From thin crust to deep-dish, Pizza Hotline offers a variety of crust options to suit your preferences.

When it comes to variety, Pizza Hotline takes the cake (or should we say, the pizza?). Their menu boasts an impressive selection of toppings, including fresh vegetables, succulent meats, and a myriad of delectable cheeses. Customize your pizza to perfection and savor every bite of your own culinary masterpiece.

Wondering about the prices?

Pizza Hotline understands the value of great taste at affordable rates. Their Canadian prices are designed to satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank. With Pizza Hotline, you can indulge in your favorite pizza combinations without compromising on quality or your budget.

Don’t wait any longer!

Visit Pizza Hotline online to explore their menu and discover the flavors that make them a beloved Canadian pizza chain. From their signature creations to their specialty pizzas, Pizza Hotline guarantees a delightful dining experience every time.

So, what are you waiting for?

Dial Pizza Hotline’s number, place your order, and treat yourself to a piping hot pizza that will leave you wanting more. Give in to the irresistible allure of Pizza Hotline, the ultimate destination for pizza lovers in Canada.

Pan Pizza

Menu ItemPrice
Italian Classic SmallCAN$ 11.99
Italian Classic MediumCAN$ 13.99
Italian Classic X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Primo Pepperoni SmallCAN$ 11.99
Primo Pepperoni MediumCAN$ 13.99
Primo Pepperoni X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Meaty Delight SmallCAN$ 11.99
Meaty Delight MediumCAN$ 13.99
Meaty Delight X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Spicy Hawaiian SmallCAN$ 11.99
Spicy Hawaiian MediumCAN$ 13.99
Spicy Hawaiian X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Deluxe Hawaiian SmallCAN$ 11.99
Deluxe Hawaiian MediumCAN$ 13.99
Deluxe Hawaiian X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Mediterranean SmallCAN$ 11.99
Mediterranean MediumCAN$ 13.99
Mediterranean X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
New York SmallCAN$ 11.99
New York MediumCAN$ 13.99
New York X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Tropical Chicken SmallCAN$ 11.99
Tropical Chicken MediumCAN$ 13.99
Tropical Chicken X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
The Bacon Doble cheese SmallCAN$ 11.99
The Bacon Doble cheese MediumCAN$ 13.99
The Bacon Doble cheese X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Garden Veggie SmallCAN$ 11.99
Garden Veggie MediumCAN$ 13.99
Garden Veggie X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Taco Pizza SmallCAN$ 11.99
Taco Pizza MediumCAN$ 13.99
Taco Pizza X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Primo suprimo SmallCAN$ 11.99
Primo suprimo MediumCAN$ 13.99
Primo suprimo X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch SmallCAN$ 11.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch MediumCAN$ 13.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Combination SmallCAN$ 11.99
Combination MediumCAN$ 13.99
Combination X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
The Greek SmallCAN$ 11.99
The Greek MediumCAN$ 13.99
The Greek X-LargeCAN$ 17.99
Primo Mexi SmallCAN$ 11.99
Primo Mexi MediumCAN$ 13.99
Primo Mexi X-LargeCAN$ 17.99

Speciality Pizza

Menu ItemPrice
XL 4 topping PizzaCAN$ 11.99
222 For youCAN$ 22.22
Cheese sticks & 2 pizzaCAN$ 22.22
Pizza & WingsCAN$ 23


Menu ItemPrice
Pepsi + Hot breadsticksCAN$ 4.99
Cheese sticks & 2 pizzaCAN$ 6.5
10 dry rub wingsCAN$ 8.99
Chicken bacon ranchCAN$ 7.49
6 cinnamon bunsCAN$ 6.99


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