Pizza Factory Menu & Prices in Canada – 2023


Menu ItemPrice
Tossed Green SaladCAN$ 5
Greek SaladCAN$ 7
Caesar SaladCAN$ 6
Chicken Caesar SaladCAN$ 7

Small Specialty Pizza

Menu ItemPrice
Small Vegetarian PizzaCAN$ 15
Small House Special PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Black Night PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Canadian PizzaCAN$ 15
Small New York Deli PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Whopper PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Chef Special PizzaCAN$ 15
Small El Greeko PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Factory Special PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Hot and Spicy PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Chicken Teriyaki PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Veggie Garlic PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Super Hawaiian PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Greek PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Bacon Burger PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Mexicano PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Taco PizzaCAN$ 15
Small BBQ Chicken PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Chicken Lover PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Spinach Lover PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Pesto Chicken PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Tandoori Chicken PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Chicken Ranch PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Veggie Garlic PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Chicken Parmesan PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Chicken Supreme PizzaCAN$ 15
Small Volcano Special PizzaCAN$ 15

Medium Specialty Pizza

Menu ItemPrice
Medium Vegetarian PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium House Special PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Black Night PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Canadian PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium New York Deli PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Whopper PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Chef Special PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium El Greeko PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Factory Special PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Hot and Spicy PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Chicken Teriyaki PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Veggie Garlic PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Chicken Parmesan PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Chicken Supreme PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Volcano Special PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Super Hawaiian PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Greek PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Bacon Burger PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Mexicano PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Taco PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium BBQ Chicken PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Chicken Lover PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Spinach Lover PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Pesto Chicken PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Tandoori Chicken PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Chicken Ranch PizzaCAN$ 18
Medium Veggie Garlic PizzaCAN$ 18

Large Specialty Pizza

Menu ItemPrice
Large Vegetarian PizzaCAN$ 20
Large House Special PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Black Night PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Canadian PizzaCAN$ 20
Large New York Deli PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Whopper PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Chef Special PizzaCAN$ 20
Large El Greeko PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Factory Special PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Hot and Spicy PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Chicken Teriyaki PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Veggie Garlic PizzaCAN$ 20
Ruchetta PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Chicken Parmesan PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Chicken Supreme PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Volcano Special PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Super Hawaiian PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Greek PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Bacon Burger PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Mexicano PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Taco PizzaCAN$ 20
Large BBQ Chicken PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Chicken Lover PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Spinach Lover PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Pesto Chicken PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Tandoori Chicken PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Chicken Ranch PizzaCAN$ 20
Large Veggie Garlic PizzaCAN$ 20

Create Your Own Small Pizza

Menu ItemPrice
One Small One Topping PizzaCAN$ 11
One Small Two Topping PizzaCAN$ 12
One Small Three Topping PizzaCAN$ 13
One Small Four Topping PizzaCAN$ 14
One Small Five Topping PizzaCAN$ 15
One Small Six Topping PizzaCAN$ 16

Create Your Own Medium Pizza

Menu ItemPrice
One Medium One Topping PizzaCAN$ 14
One Medium Two Topping PizzaCAN$ 15
One Medium Three Topping PizzaCAN$ 16
One Medium Four Topping PizzaCAN$ 17
One Medium Five Topping PizzaCAN$ 18
One Medium Six Topping PizzaCAN$ 19

Create Your Own Large Pizza

Menu ItemPrice
One Large One Topping PizzaCAN$ 16
One Large Two Topping PizzaCAN$ 17
One Large Three Topping PizzaCAN$ 18
One Large Four Topping PizzaCAN$ 19
One Large Five Topping PizzaCAN$ 20
One Large Six Topping PizzaCAN$ 21


Menu ItemPrice
WingsCAN$ 10


Menu ItemPrice
LasagnaCAN$ 12
RavioliCAN$ 12
SpaghettiCAN$ 12


Menu ItemPrice
Garlic ToastCAN$ 2.5
Cheese ToastCAN$ 4.5
Chilli FlakesCAN$ 0.75
Ranch DipCAN$ 1
Chipotle DipCAN$ 1
Hot SauceCAN$ 0.85
BBQ SauceCAN$ 0.85


Menu ItemPrice
PepsiCAN$ 2
Diet PepsiCAN$ 2
Root BeerCAN$ 2
Orange CrushCAN$ 2
Iced TeaCAN$ 2
Canned SpriteCAN$ 2
Canned Mountain DewCAN$ 2
7 UPCAN$ 4
Canned CokeCAN$ 2


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