Osmow’s Menu & Prices in Canada – 2023

Most Popular

Chicken On the ROCKS™CAN$ 11.29
Chicken On the STIX™CAN$ 12.42
JR Chicken ShawarmaCAN$ 5.07
Chicken Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 12.42
Chicken Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 12.64

Wrap Combos

Chicken Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 12.42
Beef Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.11
Lamb Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.68
Beyond Meat Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.68
Philly Chicken Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.34
Falafel Wrap ComboCAN$ 12.42
Mixed Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.68
Osmow’s Special Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.34
Chicken Kebab Wrap ComboCAN$ 13.78
Beef Kofta Wrap ComboCAN$ 13.78
Philly Cheese Steak Wrap ComboCAN$ 16.03

SAJ Shawarma Wraps Combos

SAJ Chicken Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.11
SAJ Beef Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 15.81
SAJ Lamb Shawarma Wrap ComboCAN$ 16.37
SAJ Beyond Meat Wrap ComboCAN$ 16.37
SAJ Falafel Wrap ComboCAN$ 14.11

Signature Creations ON THE ROCKS™

Chicken On the ROCKS™CAN$ 11.29
Beef On the ROCKS™CAN$ 12.98
Beyond On the ROCKS™CAN$ 14.11
Lamb on the ROCKS™CAN$ 14.11
Mixed On the ROCKS™CAN$ 13.55
Falafel On the ROCKS™CAN$ 11.29

Signature Creations ON THE STIX™

Chicken On the STIX™CAN$ 12.42
Beef On the STIX™CAN$ 14.68
Beyond On the STIX™CAN$ 15.81
Lamb on the STIX™CAN$ 15.81
Falafel On the STIX™CAN$ 12.42
Mixed on the STIX™CAN$ 15.24

Half & Half

Half & Half Beef ShawarmaCAN$ 14.9
Half & Half Lamb ShawarmaCAN$ 16.03
Half & Half Beyond Meat™CAN$ 16.03
Half & Half FalafelCAN$ 12.64
Mixed Half & HalfCAN$ 15.47
Half & Half Chicken ShawarmaCAN$ 12.64

On the Poutine

Lamb Shawarma PoutineCAN$ 17.16

JR Shawarma

JR Chicken ShawarmaCAN$ 5.07
JR Beef ShawarmaCAN$ 6.77
JR Lamb ShawarmaCAN$ 7.33
JR Beyond MeatCAN$ 7.33
JR FalafelCAN$ 5.07

Signature Creations ON THE VEGGIES

Chicken On the VeggiesCAN$ 13.77
Beef On the VeggiesCAN$ 16.03
Lamb on the VeggiesCAN$ 17.16
Beyond On the VeggiesCAN$ 17.16
Falafel On the VeggiesCAN$ 13.77
Mixed On The VeggiesCAN$ 16.6


Chicken Shawarma PlatterCAN$ 16.94
Beef Shawarma PlatterCAN$ 19.2
Lamb Shawarma PlatterCAN$ 20.33
Falafel PlatterCAN$ 16.94
Beyond Shawarma PlatterCAN$ 20.33
Osmow’s Special PlatterCAN$ 18.86
Chicken Kebab PlatterCAN$ 18.29
Beef Kofta PlatterCAN$ 19.2
Philly Cheese Steak PlatterCAN$ 21.12
Philly Chicken PlatterCAN$ 18.86


Fattoush SaladCAN$ 8.12
Caesar SaladCAN$ 8.12
Greek SaladCAN$ 9.25
Chicken SaladCAN$ 12.64
Falafel SaladCAN$ 12.64
Beef SaladCAN$ 14.9
Lamb SaladCAN$ 16.03
Mixed SaladCAN$ 15.47
Beyond SaladCAN$ 16.03


Chicken Shawarma Wrap with drinkCAN$ 10.52
Beef Shawarma Wrap with drinkCAN$ 12.21
Lamb Shawarma Wrap with drinkCAN$ 12.78
Beyond Shawarma Wrap with drinkCAN$ 12.78
Mixed Shawarma Wrap with drinkCAN$ 12.78
Falafel Wrap with drinkCAN$ 10.52
Osmow’s Special Wrap with drinkCAN$ 12.44
Chicken Kebab Wrap with drinkCAN$ 11.87
Beef Kofta Wrap with drinkCAN$ 11.87
Philly Cheese Steak Wrap with drinkCAN$ 14.13
Philly Chicken Wrap with drinkCAN$ 12.44

SAJ Shawarma Wraps

SAJ Chicken Shawarma WrapCAN$ 10.72
SAJ Beef Shawarma WrapCAN$ 12.42
SAJ Lamb Shawarma WrapCAN$ 12.98
SAJ Beyond Meat WrapCAN$ 12.98
SAJ Falafel WrapCAN$ 10.72

Sides & Appetizer Menu

STIX™CAN$ 3.15
Falafel (5 pieces)CAN$ 5.64
Just ChickenCAN$ 10.16
Hummus AppetizerCAN$ 7.67
Just BeefCAN$ 12.42
Just LambCAN$ 13.55
Just Beyond MeatCAN$ 13.55
Taboule AppetizerCAN$ 7.9
Grilled VeggiesCAN$ 0

Drinks Menu

Coke Zero – CanCAN$ 1.44
Sprite – CanCAN$ 1.44
Gingerale – CanCAN$ 1.44
Bottled WaterCAN$ 1.44
Coca-Cola – CanCAN$ 1.44
Bottled PopCAN$ 3.09
Osmows Mango JuiceCAN$ 3.09
Osmows Mango Carrot JuiceCAN$ 3.09
Osmows Guava JuiceCAN$ 3.09
Diet Coke – CanCAN$ 3.09
Osmows Strawberry Banana JuiceCAN$ 3.09

Desserts Menu

Baklava (1pc)CAN$ 2.93
Baklava Box (6pcs)CAN$ 5.75


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