Hakka Legend Menu & Prices in Canada – 2023


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken PakoraCAN$ 15.7
Fish PakoraCAN$ 15.7
Shrimp PakoraCAN$ 16.25
Vegetable PakoraCAN$ 13.75
Lollipop ChickenCAN$ 17.5
Fried Vegetable Spring RollCAN$ 6.5
Chicken DumplingCAN$ 10
Fried Chicken WingsCAN$ 12.5
Honey Garlic Chicken WingsCAN$ 13.75
Mango SaladCAN$ 9.75
Fried Shrimp WontonCAN$ 11
Guyanese Style ChickenCAN$ 15
Fried Chicken WontonCAN$ 11
Fried Shrimp Spring RollCAN$ 6.5
French FriesCAN$ 6.45
Fried Curry Chicken Spring RollCAN$ 6.5
Onion RingsCAN$ 6.45
Chilli Chicken WingsCAN$ 13.75
Legends Spicy PoutineCAN$ 10.35


Menu ItemPrice
Manchurian SoupCAN$ 7.15
Manchow SoupCAN$ 7.15
Vegetable Manchow SoupCAN$ 7.15
Vegetable Manchurian SoupCAN$ 7.15
Chicken and Shrimp Thai SoupCAN$ 7.15
Chicken Hot and Sour SoupCAN$ 7.15
Vegetable Thai SoupCAN$ 7.15
Chicken Corn SoupCAN$ 7.15
Shrimp Wonton SoupCAN$ 7.15
Vegetable Corn SoupCAN$ 7.15
Chicken Wonton SoupCAN$ 7.15
Seafood SoupCAN$ 7.15
Vegetable Noodle SoupCAN$ 7.15
Chicken Noodle SoupCAN$ 7.15
Seafood Hot and Sour SoupCAN$ 7.15
Vegetable Hot and Sour SoupCAN$ 7.15
Crab Corn SoupCAN$ 7.15


Menu ItemPrice
Spicy Deep Fried Mixed SeafoodCAN$ 20
Spicy Deep Fried Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 17.5
Chilli Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 17.5
Szechuan Tiger Prawns (Red Spicy Sauce)CAN$ 17.5
Tiger Prawns in Hot Garlic SauceCAN$ 17.5
Tiger Prawns in Spicy Garlic SauceCAN$ 17.5
Tiger Prawns with EggplantCAN$ 17.5
Sweet and Sour Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 17.5
Tiger Prawns in Yellow Curry SauceCAN$ 17.5
Tiger Prawns in Lobster SauceCAN$ 17.5
Tiger Prawns Ma Po TofuCAN$ 17.5
Tiger Prawns with Mixed VegetablesCAN$ 17.5
General Tso Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 17.5
Steam Fish Fillet with Manchurian SauceCAN$ 21.75
Tiger Prawns in Sweet Garlic SauceCAN$ 17.5
Bombay Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 18.75
Tiger Prawns with Black Bean SauceCAN$ 17.5
Sweet and Sour Manchurian Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 18.75
Bombay FishCAN$ 18.75
Manchurian Tiger Prawns (Brown Spicy Sauce)CAN$ 17.5
Manchurian FishCAN$ 17.5


Menu ItemPrice
Bombay ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Crispy Ginger ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Sweet and Sour Manchurian ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Sliced Chicken in Black Pepper SauceCAN$ 16.25
Chilli ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Chicken with EggplantCAN$ 16.25
Manchurian Chicken (Brown Spicy sauce)CAN$ 16.25
Ginger ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Szechuan Chicken (Red Spicy Sauce)CAN$ 16.25
Pineapple ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Chicken in Spicy Garlic SauceCAN$ 16.25
Chicken with Black Bean SauceCAN$ 16.25
General Tso ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Chicken with Snow Peas and Fresh MushroomsCAN$ 16.25
Chicken in Hot Garlic SauceCAN$ 16.25
Sweet and Sour ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Mongolian ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Chicken in Yellow Curry SauceCAN$ 16.25
Orange ChickenCAN$ 16.25
Chicken in Sweet Garlic SauceCAN$ 16.25
Chicken Ma Po TofuCAN$ 16.25


Menu ItemPrice
Bombay BeefCAN$ 17.5
Chilli BeefCAN$ 16.25
Manchurian Beef (Brown Spicy Sauce)CAN$ 16.25
Beef Orange DelightCAN$ 16.25
Sweet and Sour Manchurian BeefCAN$ 17.5
Beef with EggplantCAN$ 16.25
Sesame BeefCAN$ 17.5
Beef in Yellow Curry SauceCAN$ 16.25
Beef with Black Bean SauceCAN$ 16.25
Sliced Beef with Black Pepper SauceCAN$ 16.25
Beef with Mixed VegetablesCAN$ 16.25
Beef with BroccoliCAN$ 16.25
Beef with Snow Peas and Fresh MushroomsCAN$ 16.25
Beef with Ginger and ScallionCAN$ 16.25
Beef with Green BeansCAN$ 16.25
Sliced Beef with Gai LanCAN$ 17.55
Crispy Ginger BeefCAN$ 17.5
Szechuan Beef (Red Spicy Sauce)CAN$ 16.25
Beef in Spicy Garlic SauceCAN$ 16.25


Menu ItemPrice
Vegetable BallCAN$ 14.1
TofuCAN$ 13.75
Spicy Deep Fried TofuCAN$ 14.1
PaneerCAN$ 14.1
Mixed Vegetables in Yellow Curry SauceCAN$ 14.1
Bombay PaneerCAN$ 15
Beansprout Chop SueyCAN$ 13.75
EggplantCAN$ 14.1
Home Style Fried Bean Curd with Mixed VegetablesCAN$ 14.1
CauliflowerCAN$ 14.1
Sweet and Sour Mixed VegetablesCAN$ 14.1
Manchurian Tofu with Mixed VegetablesCAN$ 14.1
Stir Fried BroccoliCAN$ 13.75
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables in Garlic SauceCAN$ 14.1
Chinese VegetablesCAN$ 16.25
Stir Fried Green BeansCAN$ 14.1
Mixed VegetableCAN$ 14.1
OkraCAN$ 14.1
Spicy Garlic Tofu with Mixed VegetablesCAN$ 14.1


Menu ItemPrice
Mango ChickenCAN$ 16.95
Red Coconut CurryCAN$ 17.25
Green Coconut CurryCAN$ 17.25
Thai Shrimp Fried RiceCAN$ 15.7
Red Coconut Curry with VegetableCAN$ 17.25
Pineapple Chicken Fried RiceCAN$ 15
Pad Thai with VegetableCAN$ 14.45
Pineapple Beef Fried RiceCAN$ 15
Pad ThaiCAN$ 14.45
Mango Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 17.55
Thai Seafood Fried RiceCAN$ 15.7
Thai Chicken Fried RiceCAN$ 15
Thai Beef Fried RiceCAN$ 15
Green Coconut Curry with VegetableCAN$ 17.25


Menu ItemPrice
Seafood Hakka NoodlesCAN$ 15.7
House Special Hakka NoodlesCAN$ 14.45
Singapore NoodlesCAN$ 14.45
Hakka NoodlesCAN$ 13.75
Cantonese Chow MeinCAN$ 15.7
Vegetable Hakka NoodlesCAN$ 13.75
Vegetable Cantonese Chow MeinCAN$ 15.7
Paneer Hakka NoodlesCAN$ 13.75
Seafood Shanghai NoodlesCAN$ 17.5
Vegetable Singapore NoodlesCAN$ 14.45
Chicken Sweet American Chop SueyCAN$ 14.45
Shanghai NoodlesCAN$ 13.75
Manchurian Chicken on Fried NoodlesCAN$ 17.5
Vegetable Shanghai NoodlesCAN$ 13.75
Triple Szechuan VegetableCAN$ 17.5
Triple Szechuan ChickenCAN$ 17.5
Vegetable Sweet American Chop SueyCAN$ 14.45
Guyanese Chicken on Hakka NoodlesCAN$ 15.7
Chilli Chicken on Fried NoodlesCAN$ 17.5
Seafood Singapore NoodlesCAN$ 15.7
House Special Singapore NoodlesCAN$ 14.45

Rice Menu

Menu ItemPrice
House Special Fried RiceCAN$ 14.45
Chicken Fried RiceCAN$ 13.2
Vegetable Fried RiceCAN$ 13.2
Paneer Fried RiceCAN$ 13.2
Mushroom Fried RiceCAN$ 13.2
Guyanese Chicken on Fried RiceCAN$ 15.7
Seafood Fried RiceCAN$ 15.7
Shrimp Fried RiceCAN$ 13.2
Beef Fried RiceCAN$ 13.2
Egg Fried RiceCAN$ 13.2
Steamed RiceCAN$ 2.15

Chefs Specialties Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Sizzling Bollywood ChickenCAN$ 18.75
Sizzling Phoenix FishCAN$ 18.75
Legend’s Chicken 88CAN$ 18.75
Legend’s Paneer 88CAN$ 18.75
Sizzling Bollywood PaneerCAN$ 18.75
Sizzling Phoenix ChickenCAN$ 18.75
Sizzling Phoenix BeefCAN$ 18.75
Sizzling Phoenix Tiger PrawnsCAN$ 18.75
Legend’s Spicy ChickenCAN$ 18.75
Legend’s Vegetable Ball 88CAN$ 18.75
Legend’s Shrimp 88CAN$ 18.75

Drinks Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Coca Cola (Per Can)CAN$ 2.25
Sprite (Per Can)CAN$ 2.25
Gingerale (Per Can)CAN$ 2.25
Diet Coke (Per Can)CAN$ 2.25
Coke Zero (Per Can)CAN$ 2.25
Apple Juice (Per Bottle)CAN$ 3.25
Orange Juice (Per Bottle)CAN$ 3.25
Mango Juice (473 ml bottle)CAN$ 3.25
Perrier Water (330 ml bottle)CAN$ 3.25


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