Grillin Hut Menu & Prices in Mississauga Canada – 2023

Family Platters

Meat LoverCAN$ 59.99
SteakCAN$ 69.99
Mix PatterCAN$ 29.99
Grilled Chicken Breast (Regular)CAN$ 29.99
Grilled Chicken Breast (Large)CAN$ 59.99
Ancient Beef Kabob (Regular)CAN$ 29.99
Ancient Beef Kabob (Large)CAN$ 59.99

Personal Platters

Ancient Beef kabob 2pcsCAN$ 9.99
Ancient Chicken Kabob 2 pcsCAN$ 11.99
Kabob with PoutineCAN$ 11.99
Grilled Chicken BreastCAN$ 11.99
Grilled Chicken Breast with PoutlneCAN$ 11.99
Eye Of Round SteakCAN$ 13.99
Fried FishCAN$ 10.99
Chicken ParmesanCAN$ 13.99


New York Steak 12 ozCAN$ 21.99
T-bone Steak 12 ozCAN$ 21.99
Ribs SteakCAN$ 21.99
Fillet Mignon steak 10 ozCAN$ 23.99

Range Menu

Butter ChickenCAN$ 9.99
Chiclen karahiCAN$ 10.99
ChanaCAN$ 8.99
Daal MixCAN$ 8.99
DaaI Mix/Chana Kabob ComboCAN$ 11.99
Whole Chicken KarahiCAN$ 59.99

Rice Menu

Biryani (take out)CAN$ 5.99
Biryani (dine in)CAN$ 7.99
Pain RiceCAN$ 1.99

Kids Menu

Chicken FingersCAN$ 7.99
PastaCAN$ 7
Cheese PizzaCAN$ 5.99

Salads Menu

Garden SaladCAN$ 4.99
Caesar SaladCAN$ 4.99
Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken BreastCAN$ 8.99

Side Orders

FrIes – RegularCAN$ 3.99
Fries – LargeCAN$ 4.99
Mashed PotatoesCAN$ 2.99
Buffet Side OrdersCAN$ 7.99
Plain NaanCAN$ 1.99
Garlic NaanCAN$ 2.49
Cheese NaanCAN$ 2.49


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