Freshii Menu & Prices in Canada – 2023

Freshii Classics

Menu ItemPrice
Southwest BBQ BowlCAN$ 10.79
Classics ComboCAN$ 14.39
Chipotle Cheddar BowlCAN$ 10.79
Bacon Ranch SaladCAN$ 10.79


Menu ItemPrice
Buddha Satay BowlCAN$ 11.99
Oaxaca BowlCAN$ 13.19
Tex Mex BowlCAN$ 12.59
Pangoa BowlCAN$ 12.59
Teriyaki Twist BowlCAN$ 11.99
Smokehouse BowlCAN$ 12.59


Menu ItemPrice
Tex Mex BurritoCAN$ 11.39
Custom BurritoCAN$ 10.18
Smokehouse BurritoCAN$ 11.39
Mediterranean BurritoCAN$ 11.99
Teriyaki Twist BurritoCAN$ 10.79
Buddha Satay BurritoCAN$ 10.79


Menu ItemPrice
Kale Caesar SaladCAN$ 12.59
Cobb SaladCAN$ 13.79
Custom SaladCAN$ 11.39
Market SaladCAN$ 13.19


Menu ItemPrice
Fiesta WrapCAN$ 11.99
Kale Caesar WrapCAN$ 11.39
Custom WrapCAN$ 10.19
Cobb WrapCAN$ 12.59


Menu ItemPrice
Spicy Lemongrass SoupCAN$ 8.99
Tortilla SoupCAN$ 8.99

Kids Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Cheesy Chicken PocketCAN$ 7.19
Super Kids SaladCAN$ 7.19
Kids Power BowlCAN$ 7.19


Menu ItemPrice
Coconut Chia PuddingCAN$ 6.59
Miss Vickies OriginalCAN$ 2.15
Cocoa Energii BitesCAN$ 3.59
Freshii Sweet Potato ChipsCAN$ 2.15
Miss Vickies JalapenoCAN$ 2.15


Menu ItemPrice
24oz Freshii GreenCAN$ 10.19
24oz Chocolate Peanut ButterCAN$ 10.19
12oz Strawberrii BananaCAN$ 7.55
24oz Tropical MangoCAN$ 10.19
12oz Freshii GreenCAN$ 7.55
NEW! 24oz Mixed BerriiCAN$ 10.19

Juices & Cleanses

Menu ItemPrice
Antioxidant ElixirCAN$ 4.43
Get Glowing JuiceCAN$ 8.39
Juice Cleanse (5 Day)CAN$ 203.99
Renew JuiceCAN$ 8.39
Immune ElixirCAN$ 4.43
Green Genius JuiceCAN$ 8.39


Menu ItemPrice
Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies (1 bottle)CAN$ 27.59
Bye Bye Stress GummiesCAN$ 27.59
Super Mushroom GummiesCAN$ 27.59


Menu ItemPrice
Ginger Lemonade KombuchaCAN$ 4.79
Bottled Diet CokeCAN$ 3.23
Ginger Ale 355mlCAN$ 2.15
Diet Coke 355mlCAN$ 2.15
Nestea lemonCAN$ 2.99
Superfood Pink Sparkling LemonadeCAN$ 4.79


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