Cora Menu & Prices in Canada – 2023


Menu ItemPrice
Fruit cocktailCAN$ 6.05
SmoothiesCAN$ Priced by add-ons
Cora orange juiceCAN$ 5.15
Bottle of juiceCAN$ Priced by add-ons
Hot chocolateCAN$ 4.25
PerrierCAN$ 4.35
Bottle of waterCAN$ 3.15
Regular coffeeCAN$ 3.75
Tea or herbal teaCAN$ 4.15
CappuccinoCAN$ 4.95
Café latteCAN$ 4.95

Sweet’n Salty

Menu ItemPrice
Gabriel who’s crazy for Triple chocolate pancakesCAN$ 19.55
Mountain of bananas on a waffle for AdamCAN$ 19.55
Strawberry avalanche for FannieCAN$ 19.55
Our breakfast for the Club*CAN$ 19.55
Jessica born in 89CAN$ 19.55

Eggs Ben et Dictine

Menu ItemPrice
Peameal bacon Ben et DictineCAN$ Priced by add-ons
Smoked salmon Ben et DictineCAN$ Priced by add-ons
Tomatoes, bacon and green onions Ben et DictineCAN$ Priced by add-ons
Ham Ben et DictineCAN$ Priced by add-ons


Menu ItemPrice
10 star skilletCAN$ 19.85
Theo’s skilletCAN$ 19.85
Chrorizo-ham SkilletCAN$ 19.85
Western SkilletCAN$ 19.85


Menu ItemPrice
Tasty strawberriesCAN$ 19.55
The boss’ favoriteCAN$ 19.55
Crêpes with meatCAN$ 16.05
April 89 with cocoa-hazelnutCAN$ 19.55
April 89 with custardCAN$ 18.35
Spinach and cheddar crêpeCAN$ 18.35
Banana BlastCAN$ 17.75


Menu ItemPrice
Strawberry-banana pancakesCAN$ 17.25
Triple chocolate pancakesCAN$ 17.25
Blueberry Fields PancakesCAN$ 17.25
Pancakes with meatCAN$ 16.05


Menu ItemPrice
Western-cheddar crêpomeletteCAN$ 19.55
Chorizo and goat cheese crêpomeletteCAN$ 19.55
Spinach and cheddar crêpomeletteCAN$ 19.55

Savoury Omelettes

Menu ItemPrice
Smoked salmon omeletteCAN$ 21.85
Western OmeletteCAN$ 18.75
10 star omeletteCAN$ 19.55
Spinach and cheddar omeletteCAN$ 17.55
Gigi OmeletteCAN$ 19.85


Menu ItemPrice
2 eggs with fruitCAN$ 16.65
1 egg, choice of accompaniment and potatoesCAN$ 12.65
2 eggs, choice of accompaniment and potatoesCAN$ 13.15
3 eggs, choice of accompaniment and potatoesCAN$ 13.75
Rosemary’s SundayCAN$ 19.55
Jo ConstructionCAN$ 18.35
Gargantuan breakfastCAN$ 20.65

Teens’ favourites

Menu ItemPrice
Burrito crêpeCAN$ 18.35
Brunch burgerCAN$ 18.95
The ClubCAN$ 20.65

French Toast

Menu ItemPrice
Brioche for EliseCAN$ 19.25
French toast with meatCAN$ 14.95
French toast with fresh fruitCAN$ 17.25
1990’s HarvestCAN$ 19.25
SurpriseCAN$ 18.35
Seventh of JulyCAN$ 18.35


Menu ItemPrice
Waffle with strawberriesCAN$ 19.55
Waffle with fresh fruitCAN$ 18.35


Menu ItemPrice
Spinach omelette and goat cheese bagelCAN$ 18.75
Bagel and lox with potaotesCAN$ 19.55
Bagel and lox with fresh fruitCAN$ 21.85
Bagel and loxCAN$ 17.25
Chicken melt with fruitCAN$ 19.55
Chicken meltCAN$ 13.75
Tuna melt with potatoesCAN$ 16.05
Tuna meltCAN$ 13.75
Egg salad with potatoesCAN$ 14.95
Egg salad with fruitCAN$ 17.25
Egg saladCAN$ 12.65

Fresh fruit

Menu ItemPrice
Large bowl of fresh fruit with toastCAN$ 12.35
Peggy’s poachedCAN$ 17.25
Bowl of fresh fruitCAN$ 9.75

A little extra!

Menu ItemPrice
Pure maple syrupCAN$ 1.15
Meat or proteinCAN$ Priced by add-ons
Hollandaise sauceCAN$ 3.75
PotatoesCAN$ 3.75
Salted CaramelCAN$ 4.55
CustardCAN$ 3.75
Cocoa-hazelnut spreadCAN$ 4.55
Cheddar cheeseCAN$ 4.55
Swiss cheeseCAN$ 3.75
Cottage cheeseCAN$ 3.75
Cream cheeseCAN$ 1.65


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