Chipotle Menu & Prices in Canada – 2023

Craving a Flavorful Feast in Canada? Unveiling Chipotle’s Menu & Prices for 2023! 

From mouthwatering tacos to hearty burritos and fresh salads, Chipotle Mexican Grill is your go-to restaurant. 

Explore the delectable offerings and discover affordable prices that satisfy your taste buds. Don’t miss out on the scrumptious delights of Chipotle’s menu in Canada for 2023!

Below menu and prices are all updated in 2023.

Most Popular

Burrito BowlCAN$ 13.3
BurritoCAN$ 13.3
Three TacosCAN$ 13.3
SaladCAN$ 13.3
TacosCAN$ 4.8
Kid’s Build Your OwnCAN$ 8.2
Kids Build Your OwnCAN$ 14.05
Large Side of GuacamoleCAN$ 6.65
Large Side of Queso BlancoCAN$ 6.65
Kid’s QuesadillaCAN$ 7.3


Menu ItemPrice
Burrito BowlCAN$ 13.3
BurritoCAN$ 13.3
Three TacosCAN$ 13.3
SaladCAN$ 13.3
TacoCAN$ 4.8
QuesadillaCAN$ 14.05
Kid’s Build Your OwnCAN$ 8.2
Kid’s QuesadillaCAN$ 7.3


Menu ItemPrice
Chips & GuacamoleCAN$ 5.25
Large Chips & Large GuacamoleCAN$ 9.5
Large Chips & Large Queso BlancoCAN$ 9.5
Chips & Queso BlancoCAN$ 5.25
Side of GuacamoleCAN$ 3.35
ChipsCAN$ 1.9
Chips & Fresh Tomato SalsaCAN$ 3.15
Side of Queso BlancoCAN$ 3.35
Large Side of GuacamoleCAN$ 6.65
Tortilla on the SideCAN$ 0.45


Menu ItemPrices
Blood Orange Sparkling Fruit BeverageCAN$ 3.55
Orange Sparkling Fruit BeverageCAN$ 3.55
Lemon Sparkling Fruit BeverageCAN$ 3.55
Bottled WaterCAN$ 2.7

Lifestyle Bowls

Menu ListMenu Prices
Vegan BowlCAN$ 13.3
High Protein BowlCAN$ 18.7
Keto Salad BowlCAN$ 16.65
Vegetarian Salad BowlCAN$ 13.3
Paleo Salad BowlCAN$ 16.65
Whole30® Salad BowlCAN$ 16.65
Keto Salad BowlCAN$ 17.3

Chipotle As A Popular Mexican Restaurant Chain In Canada: 

Chipotle has earned a stellar name as a prominent Mexican chain in Canada. 

With a commitment to utilizing fresh ingredients, customizable options, and bold flavors, Chipotle has captured the attention of fans looking for a fusion of convenience and taste. 

The unique mixture of a contemporary fast-casual dining experience and traditional Mexican recipes has made Chipotle a well-liked place for both leisurely indulgences and quick meals. 

Whether you are a fan of their signature burritos, salads, or tacos, Chipotle provides a diverse menu that caters to numerous preferences and dietary requirements.

Chipotle Alternatives in Canada

Most Popular Menu Items At Chipotle:

At Chipotle, certain food items have gained immense popularity among consumers. 

Such coveted dishes have captured the preferences and taste buds of diners, becoming favorites that keep them returning for more. 

The concept of well-liked menu items signifies the formations that have garnered a dedicated following, frequently celebrated for their quality ingredients, exceptional flavors, and the unique dining experience they provide.

When discovering Chipotle’s menu in Canada, numerous menu items stand out as consumer favorites. Here are a few of the most well-liked items you can savor at Chipotle:

Flavorful Tacos:

Chipotle’s tacos provide a burst of flavors in a handheld delight. With soft tortillas cradling delicious fillings, like vibrant toppings, tangy salsas, and seasoned meats, these tacos provide a delightful bite-sized experience.

Signature Burritos:

Chipotle’s burritos are the true crowd-pleaser, having a warm tortilla enveloping a tantalizing mixture of rice, protein options (like grilled chicken, sofritas, or barbacoa), beans, flavorsome sauces, and fresh toppings. The harmonious mixture of ingredients makes such burritos a go-to option for many.

Mouthwatering Bowls:

Chipotle’s bowls are a success among diners who prefer a well-balanced and customizable meal. Featuring a base of greens or rice, topped with veggies, beans, protein, and a choice of tasty toppings, these bowls permit a personalized dining experience.

Nourishing Salads: 

Chipotle’s salads are a nutritious and refreshing choice for health-conscious diners. Crisp lettuce acts as the bed for a combination of ingredients, comprising veggies, protein choices, dressings, and salsas, resulting in a wholesome and satisfying meal.

About Chipotle:

Chipotle Mexican Grill, normally recognized as just Chipotle, is a famous fast-casual chain that originated in the US. 

Founded by Steve Ells back in 1993, Chipotle started with a single store in Denver, Colorado, and has since expanded to become an international brand with many locations across Canada, the US, and other countries. 

Chipotle is committed to offering consumers tasty Mexican-inspired food prepared using high-quality ingredients. 

They prioritize sourcing responsibly sourced ingredients, organic produce, and sustainably raised meats, guaranteeing that their meals aren’t just tasty but also made with integrity. 

Chipotle’s mission is to change how customers think about and consume fast food. 

They try to prove that fast food can be prepared with wholesome, real ingredients, made in an ethical and transparent manner. 

One of the unique features that set Chipotle apart from different other fast-food restaurant chains available is its emphasis on customization, permitting consumers to build their own meals from a wide variety of options. 

Chipotle’s dedication to transparency, sustainability, and offering a customizable dining experience has earned them loyal fans and solidified their position as the leader in the fast-casual dining industry.

Why Has Chipotle Become A Beloved Fast Food Choice For Many?

Chipotle has garnered a loyal and significant following, becoming a much-loved fast food option for many. 

Numerous factors contribute to Chipotle’s popularity and make it stand out in the fast food industry:

High-Quality Ingredients:

Chipotle has gained a standing for its commitment to utilizing high-quality ingredients. 

They prioritize sourcing organic produce, sustainably raised meats, and non-GMO ingredients whenever possible. 

This emphasis on quality resonates with consumers who appreciate flavorful, fresh, and responsibly sourced food.

Convenience And Speed:

Chipotle excels at offering efficient and fast service. Consumers can rapidly move through the line, selecting their ingredients and seeing their meals being assembled right in front of them. 

The fast service and streamlined ordering procedure make Chipotle a convenient choice for those looking for a quick meal without compromising on quality.

Flexibility And Customization:

Chipotle’s menu provides a high level of customization, permitting consumers to build their meals according to their liking. 

From selecting protein choices such as steak, grilled chicken, barbacoa, or sofritas (tofu), to choosing a range of toppings, dressings, and salsas, consumers have the liberty to create a personalized dining experience. 

This flexibility caters to numerous dietary restrictions and choices, making Chipotle a tempting option for an extensive range of consumers.

Ethical Practices And Transparency:

Chipotle has been transparent about its commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and food with integrity. 

They actively communicate their sourcing standards and initiatives, like supporting local farmers and going for eco-friendly practices. 

This transparency resonates with consumers who appreciate a brand that aligns with their values.

Consistent And Flavorful Taste:

Chipotle’s items are recognized for their consistency and tasty flavors. 

Whether it is the balanced mixture of ingredients, the fresh and vibrant toppings, or the perfectly seasoned meats, consumers can expect a consistently pleasant dining experience. 

This dependable taste has earned Chipotle a dedicated following that craves its signature flavors time and again.

Emphasis On Food Safety: 

Chipotle has placed a major focus on food hygiene and safety. 

They have implemented rigorous measures and protocols for ensuring the well-being of their consumers, comprising strict adherence to safety standards, enhanced training for staff, and ongoing monitoring of their supply chain. 

This dedication to food safety offers consumers peace of mind when enjoying their meals.

In general, Chipotle’s mixture of customization options, high-quality ingredients, consistency, speed, food safety measures, and transparency has propelled it to become a much-loved fast food option for many. 

The company’s capability to provide customizable and flavorful meals while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing has resonated with consumers, earning Chipotle a special place in the palates and hearts of fast food lovers.

Limited Time Offers And Deals:

Chipotle often introduces limited-time deals and offers to offer consumers amazing new promotions and flavors. 

These special promotions append variety to the menu and provide opportunities for consumers to enjoy their favorite Chipotle items at discounted costs. 

Here is an overview of the limited-time deals and offers accessible at Chipotle:

Rewards Programs:

Chipotle has a loyalty program known as Chipotle Rewards, which provides members with exclusive deals and benefits. 

Rewards members get points for each dollar spent, and these points can then be redeemed for special offers and free food. 

Chipotle Rewards members also get personalized offers and early access to promotions and new food items.

Promotional Discounts:

Chipotle occasionally provides promotional discounts on particular menu items or entire orders. 

Such discounts can comprise percentage-off deals, discounted meal bundles, or buy-one-get-one (BOGO) offers. 

These promotions permit consumers to enjoy their favorite Chipotle meals at a decreased cost, making them an awesome opportunity for savings.

Seasonal Menu Items:

Chipotle frequently introduces seasonal items that showcase unique ingredients and flavors. 

Such limited-time offerings might comprise specialty sauces, new bowl or burrito combinations, or seasonal ingredients sourced locally. 

It is a chance for consumers to try something new and experience the flavors of the season.

Event Or Holiday Specials: 

Throughout special events or holidays, Chipotle frequently introduces themed menu items or limited-time specials. 

These promotions can comprise special pricing for catering orders, festive packaging, or seasonal flavors. 

It is a way for Chipotle to actually celebrate with consumers and make their dining experience even more amazing throughout these occasions.

Chipotle’s limited-time deals and offers are frequently announced through its official website, email newsletters, social media channels, and mobile app. 

It is suggested to stay updated on such platforms for taking advantage of the latest deals and promotions and enjoy the unique offerings accessible for a limited time.

Alternatives To Chipotle In Canada:

When it comes to alternatives to Chipotle in Canada, numerous fast-food restaurant chains and Mexican-inspired restaurants provide their own unique dining experiences. 

Let’s explore a few of these options and compare them to Chipotle:


A&W, a well-liked fast-food restaurant chain in Canada, provides a few Mexican-inspired menu items, such as the Cheddar Jalapeno Burger and Spicy Chipotle Chicken Wrap. 

However, their Mexican-inspired menu choices might have a more limited range than Chipotle’s. 

A&W is recognized for its concentration on utilizing quality ingredients and provides a drive-thru experience with a retro-inspired atmosphere.

Burger King:

Although BK is well-known for its burgers, they also have Mexican-inspired choices such as their Crispy Taco and Whopperito. 

However, their Mexican-inspired offerings aren’t as wide as Chipotle’s menu. Burger King provides a more customary fast-food experience with affordable prices and quick service.


While Kentucky Fried Chicken is primarily recognized for its fried chicken, they also provide Mexican-inspired items such as quesadillas and chicken burritos. 

However, KFC’s Mexican-inspired offerings might have a more limited range compared to Chipotle. Costs at KFC tend to be lower, making it a more budget-friendly choice.


While McDonald’s is recognized for its fries and burgers, they have introduced a few Mexican-inspired menu items such as the McTaco and McBurrito. 

However, McDonald’s Mexican-inspired menu options might have a more simplified flavor profile compared to Chipotle. McDonald’s provides the convenience of drive-thru service and reasonable costs.

Swiss Chalet:

Swiss Chalet, a Canadian chain, primarily concentrates on rotisserie chicken but provides a few Mexican-inspired dishes, such as chicken quesadillas. 

However, their Mexican-inspired menu choices are more limited compared to Chipotle. Swiss Chalet provides a sit-down dining experience with a casual atmosphere.

When comparing such alternatives to Chipotle, it is significant to contempt prices, menu offerings, and overall dining experience. 

Chipotle stands out with its wide menu that permits customization and provides an extensive range of Mexican-inspired choices like tacos, burritos, bowls, and salads. 

Chipotle’s commitment to top-quality ingredients and food with integrity sets it apart. 

Moreover, Chipotle offers a fast-casual dining experience with an inviting and modern atmosphere. 

While the alternatives might have their own unique menu choices, they might not provide the same level of variety, customization, or emphasis on top-quality ingredients as Chipotle.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: What Are The Opening Hours Of Chipotle Canada?

Chipotle restaurants in Canada are open from 10.45 AM to 10.00 PM.

Q: What Is The Most Expensive Menu Offering At On Canadian Chipotle?

The most expensive menu item on Canada’s Chipotle menu is the Quesadilla for C$14.05.

Q: What Is The Cheapest Menu Item Available At On Canadian Chipotle?

The cheapest food item on Chipotle’s menu in Canada is Chips for C$1.90.

Q: Are There Gluten-Free Choices Available At Chipotle In Canada?

Yes, Chipotle offers gluten-free choices in Canada. A lot of their items, like tacos, bowls, and salads, can be customized to be gluten-free by omitting ingredients containing gluten. 

However, cross-contamination might occur, so people with severe gluten allergies ought to exercise caution and talk to the restaurant staff.

Q: Does Chipotle Provide Vegan Or Vegetarian Options In Canada?

Yes, Chipotle provides vegan and vegetarian choices in Canada. Consumers can select from ingredients such as black beans, sofritas (spicy tofu), vegetables, rice, and numerous salsas to make a plant-based meal. Chipotle offers choices to cater to diverse dietary restrictions and preferences.

Q: Can I Order Online Or Through The Mobile Application For Chipotle In Canada?

Yes, Chipotle provides mobile app services and online ordering in Canada. People can conveniently place their orders using the Chipotle app or the official Chipotle website, permitting simple customization, payment, and delivery or pickup options.


In conclusion, Chipotle stands out as a well-liked Mexican chain in Canada, providing a customizable and diverse menu for 2023. 

I explored the most well-liked menu offerings, Chipotle’s commitment to high-quality ingredients, and the unique values that set it apart from other fast-food chains. 

With a concentration on sustainability, transparency, and a mission to offer tasty meals made with integrity, Chipotle has become a much-loved choice for many. 

Whether you are craving a bowl, salad, or burrito, Chipotle provides a satisfying dining experience. 

Do not miss the chance to go to Chipotle in Canada and savor the flavors of the extensive menu offerings available. 

Go to your nearest Chipotle location or check their official website for more details. Indulge in the culinary delights that Chipotle has to offer in 2023.


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