Booster Juice Menu & Prices in Canada – 2023

Fuel your day with a burst of refreshment and vitality, as Booster Juice’s invigorating menu and pocket-friendly prices take you on a whirlwind journey of health and flavor in Canada.

Below are the latest Menu & Prices in Canada which are updated on May 07th, 2023.


Menu ItemPrice
2 Can BoosterCAN$ 32.19
4 Can BoosterCAN$ 55.99
Family PackCAN$ 26.99
Fresh Juice ComboCAN$ 16.37
Fresh Juice Triple Play ComboCAN$ 13.99
Regular ComboCAN$ 16.6
Regular Triple Play SmoothieCAN$ 13.99
Snack ComboCAN$ 14.11
Snack Triple Play ComboCAN$ 11.69

Classic Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Breezy Banana (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Breezy Banana (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
Mango Hurricane (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Mango Hurricane (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
Strawberry Sunshine (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Strawberry Sunshine (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
The Original (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
The Original (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
Tropical Tornado (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Tropical Tornado (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98

Spirit Smoothies

Menu ItemPrice
Berry Cream Sensation (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Berry Cream Sensation (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
Canadian Colada (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Canadian Colada (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
Funky Monkey (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Funky Monkey (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
Orangesicle (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Orangesicle (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98
Pea (Not) Butter 2.0 (Regular Size)CAN$ 8.69
Pea (Not) Butter 2.0 (Snack Size)CAN$ 5.98

Refresh Smoothies

Menu ItemsCosts
Coco Crush (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.59
Coco Crush (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.32
Spinach Is In It (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.32
Tropi-Kale (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.59
Tropi-Kale (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.32
Unbeetable (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.59
Unbeetable (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.32
Wildberry Rush (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.59
Wildberry Rush (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.32

High Protein Smoothies

Menu ListPrices
Bananas-A-Whey (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.14
Banango Burst (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.14
Nuttin’ Better (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.14
Ripped Berry (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.14
Strawberry Storm (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.14

Superfood Smoothies

Menu ItemsPrices
Marathon (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.48
Marathon (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.2
Matcha Monsoon (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.48
Matcha Monsoon (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.2
Pomegranate Passion (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.48
Pomegranate Passion (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.2
Lemon Berry (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.48
Lemon Berry (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.2

Superfood+ Smoothies

Menu ItemCosts
Mind Over Matcha (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.59
Pomegranate Punch (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.59

Smoothies Feature

Menu ItemsPrices
Watermelon Explosion (Regular Size)CAN$ 9.48
Watermelon Explosion (Snack Size)CAN$ 6.2

Fresh Juice

Item ListMenu Prices
Apple JuiceCAN$ 8.69
Carrot JuiceCAN$ 8.69
Ginger HammerCAN$ 8.69
Green HornetCAN$ 8.69
Hail to the KaleCAN$ 8.69
Heavenly HorizonCAN$ 8.69
Maui JuiceCAN$ 8.69
Red SunriseCAN$ 8.69
Strawberry Lemon-AidCAN$ 8.69
Tahiti SqueezeCAN$ 8.69

Grilled Fresh

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken QuesadillaCAN$ 9.37
Chipotle Chicken PaniniCAN$ 9.37
Chipotle Chicken WrapCAN$ 9.37
Chipotle Steak PaniniCAN$ 9.37
Chipotle Steak WrapCAN$ 9.37

Grilled Fresh Breakfast

Menu ItemPrice
Egg White and Chorizo WrapCAN$ 7.33

Specialty Items

Menu ItemPrices
Lemon & Ginger ShotCAN$ 3.15
Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric and Coconut ShotCAN$ 3.15
Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric, and Coconut ShotCAN$ 3.15
Booster BallCAN$ 3.11
3 Booster BallsCAN$ 7.06

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