Arby’s Menu & Prices in Canada – 2023

Prepare to be captivated by Arby’s Canada’s menu, a harmonious fusion of bold flavors and reasonable prices, crafting an extraordinary dining experience like no other.

Below Menu & Prices are updated on May 08th, 2023.

Roast Beef Sandwiches

Menu ItemPrices
Beef and Cheddar SandwichCAN$ 7.36
Roast Beef SandwichCAN$ 6.25
French Dip and Swiss SandwichCAN$ 9.11

Roast Beef Sandwich Meals

Menu ItemsCosts
Roast Beef Sandwich MealCAN$ 11.25
Beef and Cheddar Sandwich MealCAN$ 12.1
French Dip and Swiss Sandwich MealCAN$ 13.75

Signature Sandwiches

Menu ItemsPrices
Three Cheese and Bacon SandwichCAN$ 10.4
Montreal Smoked Meat Reuben SandwichCAN$ 10.4
Double Montreal SandwichCAN$ 12.75

Signature Sandwich Meals

Item ListMenu Prices
Three Cheese and Bacon Sandwich MealCAN$ 14.75
Montreal Smoked Meat Reuben Sandwich MealCAN$ 15.25
Double Montreal Sandwich MealCAN$ 16.75

Turkey Sandwiches

Menu ItemsPrices
Roast Turkey Ranch and Bacon SandwichCAN$ 10.5
Grand Turkey Club SandwichCAN$ 10.25
Roast Turkey and Swiss SandwichCAN$ 10.5

Turkey Sandwich Meals

Menu ItemPrice
Roast Turkey Ranch and Bacon Sandwich MealCAN$ 15.52
Roast Turkey and Swiss Sandwich MealCAN$ 15.52
Grand Turkey Club MealCAN$ 15.25


Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Bacon Swiss SandwichCAN$ 9.75
Crispy Chicken SandwichCAN$ 8.75
Chicken Cordon Blue SandwichCAN$ 9.98
Prime Cut Chicken Tenders (3 Pcs)CAN$ 9.15
Prime Cut Chicken Tenders (5 Pcs)CAN$ 13.25
9 Piece Premium NuggetsCAN$ 9.4
4 Piece Premium NuggetsCAN$ 5.4

Chicken Meals

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken Bacon Swiss Sandwich MealCAN$ 14.75
Crispy Chicken Sandwich MealCAN$ 13.75
Chicken Cordon Blue Sandwich MealCAN$ 14.98
Prime Cut Chicken Tenders (3 Pcs) MealCAN$ 14.15
Prime Cut Chicken Tenders (5 Pcs) MealCAN$ 18.25
9 Piece Premium Nugget MealCAN$ 14.32


Menu ItemPrice
Roast Beef GyroCAN$ 8.05
Roast Turkey GyroCAN$ 8.05
Traditional Greek GyroCAN$ 8.05

Gyro Meals

Menu ItemPrice
Roast Beef Gyro MealCAN$ 13.17
Roast Turkey Gyro MealCAN$ 13.17
Traditional Greek Gyro MealCAN$ 13.17

Baked Potatoes

Menu ItemCost
Deluxe Baked PotatoCAN$ 5.75
Sour Cream and Butter Baked PotatoCAN$ 4.85
Butter Baked PotatoCAN$ 4.15


Menu ItemPrice
Buffalo Chicken SliderCAN$ 2.79
Chicken and Cheese SliderCAN$ 2.79
Montreal Smoked Meat and Cheese SliderCAN$ 2.79
Jalapeno Roast Beef and Cheese SliderCAN$ 2.79
Roast Beef and Cheese SliderCAN$ 2.79
Ham and Cheese SliderCAN$ 2.79
Turkey SliderCAN$ 2.79

Friends of Meat and Snacks

Menu ItemPrice
Curly FriesCAN$ 3.1
Crinkle FriesCAN$ 3.1
Mozzarella SticksCAN$ 3.75
Loaded Curly FriesCAN$ 5.95
PoutineCAN$ 5.95
Montreal Smoked Meat PoutineCAN$ 7.48
Jr Roast BeefCAN$ 3

Kids Mains

Menu ItemCost
Slider Kid’s MealCAN$ 7.45
Prime Cut Chicken Tenders Kids Meal (2pcs)CAN$ 8.25
Jr. Roast Beef Sandwich Kids MealCAN$ 7.5
Premium nuggetsCAN$ 7.6


Menu ItemsPrices
Fountain PopCAN$ 2.65
Dasani WaterCAN$ 3.45
MilkCAN$ 2.35
Apple JuiceCAN$ 3.45
Orange JuicCAN$ 3.45


Menu ItemsCosts
Jamocha ShakeCAN$ 5.45
Vanilla ShakeCAN$ 5.45
Chocolate ShakeCAN$ 5.45
Triple Chocolate CookieCAN$ 3.1
Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cookie (1pc)CAN$ 3.1
Blueberry TurnoverCAN$ 2.25
Apple TurnoverCAN$ 2.25


Menu ItemsPrices
Arby’s Sauce (3 Packets)CAN$ 1.1
Horsey Sauce (3 Packets)CAN$ 1.1
Add Cheddar CheeseCAN$ 0.88
Add Swiss CheeseCAN$ 0.88
Add LettuceCAN$ 0.33
Add TomatoesCAN$ 0.55
Red RanchCAN$ 0.88

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